May 23, 2016

Terrific Time For A Purrfect TEN !

Hoorayzatini - I'll pass ya the custom made meowtini if you can 
guess who is turning the purrfect terrific 10? HINT HINT..

It's Bambino ME turning 10 this week!  
Remember, Me & Myself started out
 homeless on the Streets of San Francisco,
and dat furtunate day August 3, 2006 I found
my furever and ever home and passed out from 
all dat excitement of "being Home sweet Home".
Psssst -  I even got a mini man cat litter box
dat day! My first indoor plumbing!

In my growing up inky dinky early meowments, I became an
Envirocat keeping my cat eyes on water usage! 
(you should too!)

 And would ya believe dat Me & Myself went to
the giganticat Grace Cathedral one day to get blessed
on St. Francis Day by a nice lady, Dr. Jane Goodall.
Yup its for sure she held me in high esteem and said 
I wazza handsome dude with a future! 
Hee hee hee she made me purr.
Then things started getting fishy so I decided I 
needed a job! Yep uh huh a real job!

 So in 2007 I passed the test & got dat 
certification for being a real on the job
my pal Charlie on the job at the
seniors day care center - he's blind but he sees me
his way and I see him my way - we guys bond.

 And now with terrificat ten event on my
radar, Me and Myself have bonded with
da Sofa cuz I likes chillaxing 
and relaxing when I'm not on the job.

 Nothing more meowvalous then
being in da party mood! 
Get on board with me and let's PAWTY
cuz turning terrificat ten only happens
one time in da life even with 9 lives ! 

 Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

May 1, 2016

Statistacatically Speaking While Not Running For Purrrresident!

Catzowey! Me and Myself are having a mega meowvalous
birthday this month and it's time to view with 
fantastic you all the amazing statistacatical stuff cuz
it's funtastic!    AND more funtastic is I am not running
for PURRResident! Nope.

Way way way baaaack when I was an inky dinky smitten kitten
in August 2006
I published the 1st Guido Gazette - yep uh huh - I started
working early! Pssst - nobody commented then cuz nobody
knew Me and Myself had arrived.

Basta Pasta 2 years later in 2008 I had meowtured into a ManCat and  I was doing
on site cat-commentary on Da Voting System.
I hung out to do 2008 Purrrrticular Article   ..   really I hung out so check it out.

2 more years forward and WOWza MEOWza - Haight Ashbury can be better than
organicat nip! It's like a San Franfuncisco thing.  Read all about it right HERE in this  fun
Guido Gazette edition from 2010 

Mama Meowster Mia! It's now 2 years more later
in 2012 and I'm in another Galaxy! The arms
of the infamous Jackson Galaxy and I'm
making him purr for sure. Catch up with
We Guys In This Edition of The Guido Gazette

Catzowey Catzowey Catzowey! I'm star struck 2 more years
later in 2014 and having thee Unfurgettable meowment that
youza gonna enjoy checking out cuz I'm turning Great 8 that day,
Hoorayzatini pass me a meowtini.

Full circle forward and here I am with Me & Myself at my
Animal Assisted Therapy Job on Saturday 30th of April, 2016.
Dats what I do - I am on the job all the time
and wearing a work tie & special hat to be so so so

I see a great terrificat future for Me coming up!
Now here's da question for you - if you knows when I turns
Terrific Ten - make a comment cuz it's coming up this month.
No way Me & Myself are getting the Medicaty-care!

Statistacatically speaking, 88,787 of you have visited The Guido Gazette
during my life! YAY!!!!

I wish you the mostest meowvalous catzowey month!
Ciao & Meow

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

March 12, 2016

I'm Being Seen In A Sea Of Green - That's What I Think I Mean

Catzowey! What's I really mean is I'm dressing kind of Irish 
in my EyeTailYun furdora cuz it's the week dat everybody 
on da Planet wants to be Irish - yep uh huh.

When St. Patrick's Day rolls around, I roll around in my
Tie closet cuz my paws wanna find my favorito  Irish Tie.
Definitely I'm not wearing my Columbus Day Tie this week!

Holy Irish Cat Eyes! My lil sisfur Grappa IS
wearing her Columbus Day outfit - No Grappa NO!

No shammy rocks in my pockets but this will let everybody know it's for sure ....
I'm Irish this week!

Everybody is wearing the green! Even the
are looking for a lil Irish snacks.

 I found myself a 'wee Irish mug'.
And I'm stunned cuz it's really inky 
WEE dinky and WEEdiculous

Hey - it's the Feast of St Patrick so bring on the 
taters and corny beef.

Wishing you a mostest meowvalous March 
and a super St. Paddy's Day filled with abundant 
kitty hugs !

GUIDO the Italian-Irish Kitty

January 27, 2016

Super Bowl Time In My Town? Yep Uh Huh!

Catzowey!  Psssst .... YOU know and Me & MYself knows that
it's Super Dooper Bowl time in my City By the Bay.
So I'm bringing out my favorito Super Bowl to enjoy!

 And Super Bowl 50's theme this year is giving back a lot & sharing so
I'm sharing my Super Bowl with my lil sisfur Grappa. Yep uh huh 
it's for sure!

Catzowey and Double Catzowey! It's the LARGE and In CHARGE
PURRRDucer's  time to share our Super Bowl.

Pssst ... Me & Myself are ready to welcome the Catzillion
folks to my City by the Bay cuz I'ma on the  Super Bowl 50 
Host Committee and gonna be pawsatively helping  folks who 
purrrrponder where to go (Ya know I'm gonna be sending them to 
my favorito Catnip Bar). 

So GO GO GO Super Bowl 50 cuz it's so meowvalously nifty 
whatza you are doing in my City by the Bay - San Franfuncisco
the City dat opens up it's Golden Gates to all - Hooray!

Sending my abundacat and SUPER DOOPER Kitty Hugs to YOU - yup!

Ciao & Meow

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

December 20, 2015

Cheers! Cuz The Holly Daze Are Here

Doesn't everybody dress up and step out when it's Holly Daze time?
Gotta get yurself into the spirit of da season and there is a reason...

Me & Myself was just telling my lil sisfur Grappa
the reason weeza in the season ..... It's Cwismus!

And nothing finer than a deeeziner 
Cwismus stocking from Italia.

Ohhh I loves loves loves my Italian stocking
and gonna hug it till Signore Santy Paws arrives.
Pssst do you think I should leave him a 
plate of dat Salami & Italian Cheesies  or a warm Catnip Cocktail?

AhTenZeeOhKnee - I told lil sisfur Grappa
the Holly Daze time makes me wanna get into
the Holly Daze stuff .... really into it!

Holy Cannoli! Trying to unwrap the ribbon roll
and roll it back up purrrfectly should be
a Winter Olympic sport!

Catzowey! Grappa and Me still feeling so so so Holly Dazed!
  PAWS back to our 2010 Holly Daze card when 
I was dat smitten kitten!  Purrrrobably our all time
favorito card so we send it this year to favorito YOU with our
Buon Natale wishes (hey dats EyeTailYun for Merry Cwismus) for a 
warm & funtasticat Holly Daze and a molto bene
PURRRRfecto Mew Year 2016!

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty & Lil Sisfur Grappa

October 11, 2015

Paws UP To Fleet Week In The City By the Bay In A Columbus Kind Of Way

Hoorayzatini! It's Fleet Week here in San Franfuncisco
and I'm honored to be the point purrrrson
of our Navy guys who rock and PURRRtect us.

ME & Myself feeling molto meowvalously EyeTailYun for 
sure today on Columbus day & the feline funtasticat 
Fleet Week! ALL in one week - CATZOWEY life
is so so so meowvalous. 

Yikes! I shrunk backwards when the Signore Christopher Columbus
gave Me & Myself a ManCat kiss.

Phew and MEW! After all the fantastical stuff, me and the lil Sisfur
Grappa popped into a place where dat bartender di giorno gave us the
paws UP and good catnip beers too! Pssst... weeza under age meowsters
but he didn't ask for our ID!

Yikes!  Lil Sisfur Grappa has got her No Grappa NO self 
into her own personal GRAPPA bottle! Nowza what do I do?

Purrrobably fly to HonoWooHoo -cuz I'm in the mood
to just have a MeowTai!  Hee hee hee!

YOU know I wish meowvalous YOU the mostest nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

August 31, 2015

Terrible Twos Three and Fours Maybe More - With Lil Sisfur Grappa

Ok Grappa - everybody knows you are turning the Terrible Two 
on September 1st, 2015 so the whole Planet needs to 
know about your "wrecking ball successful career" in a short
two years. Here we goes.... drum rollz puhleeze!

 First 8 months youza discovered the 1910 coal fireplace that
no meowsters in 10 years had ever climbed. Didja think youza
on an excursion up Mount Catmanjaro? 
Whatever, youza got sooted to the meowximum. Yep uh Huh!

Holy Cannoli I let the lil sisfur think she's winning 
at All Star Meowster Wrestling cuz 
she's a Purrrfessional Wrecking Machine!

 Whatza you thinking about wrecking now Grappa?

 No Grappa NO! Youza toppled the Tree in
the House! Yikes but good youza checking the damage 
out in fine feline style!

 Oh NO Grappa NO! Our favorito Canidae Cat Food wants you 
to wait a meowment!

AhTenZeeOhKnee My Friends ! 
Please wish my lil sisfur No Grappa NO 
a purrfecto great Terrible Two Birthday.
Dontcha wonder what her Terrible Two self will
be into this year?

Ciao and Meow and wishing you a funtasticat
and nonCATastrophic week!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

August 22, 2015

It Takes 2 To Tango and 2 To UN-Tangle Too

Catzowey! Me & Myself got my lil sisfur Grappa purrrpondering
what's causing the morning commute traffic jam in her tunnel. 

My mancat self made up for dat commute purrroblem and took Grappa 
to a meowvalous San Franfuncisco Giants game. 
NOTE: Grappa izza always wearing the Team colors. Yep uh huh!

Bamzatini! Something izza rumbling and tumbling

Gotta be a San Franfuncisco quake cuz we 
meowsters would never ever topple or tangle with 
our planters! Nope, not in a mille meowster chance 
and no way. But no quake news on our TeeVee!   Uh OH!

 Cat chatting to say TIMBERRRRRR again.. something is 
gonna topple.

WHO's in charge of this toppling event?

Yup cat eyes were right on target! Holy Cannoli my 
Meowtini Glass fell for sure - and now you sees Me and
MYself likes my Meowtini on the rocks!

 Get your meowvalous self ready for the lil Sisfur Grappa's 
big TURNING TWO event on September 1st - yup uh huh

But befur dat meowvalous days comes our way, I wanna wish you a 
nonCATastrophic week cuz I just cares so so so much bout your 
meowvalous self

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty



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