May 21, 2015

Party With Guido In A PAWStastic Way Tomorrow and Today

Catzowey! Me and Myself dressing up in my party hat and my favorito deeziner TIe.
Feeling so so so fine cuz ...
I'm turning  9 on 26th of May. Hoorayzatini let's share a niptini.

I'm not gonna monkey around or run round and round the bush.
I am gonna beg YOU for the perfecto Birthday present. 

Look into my EyeTailYun eyes and then look into
my Happy Birthday Guido present list 

It's PAWStastic cuz I'm begging, yup uh huh I'm begging you to give just $1 
for each year my paws been purring on the Planet. 
That donation goes right to my pals at PAWS  - Pets Are Wonderful Support

Pssst  - I'm partying with the PAWS Staff cuz they do 
meowvalous work helping seniors and sick folks never ever give up 
their pets.
Abundacat thanks to  NUENA Photography for my PAWStastic
birthday pics

Being fine and turning  nine is a big deal for my big Mancat self and my Staff too

Wishing YOU a non Catastrophic week & make it PAWStastic too
Ciao & Meow !

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

May 3, 2015

ok Ok OK - So I'm Almost a Senior You Say?

Catzowey Catzowey Catzowey!
Here I am almost 9 years ago with my paws taking you waaaaay back
down my meowster meowmory lane .
It's for sure I cannot explain how come I'm so inky dinky and my ears so so so
giganticat! Must be a scientificat reason for this natural phenomenon

 WOWza MEOWza, I tells ya, I'ma smitten kitten here !
And this month of May I'm entering the OH NO I'M IN THE AGING ZONE
which calls for a double creamy catpuccino or a holy cannoli.
I'm traveling down  the meowmory lane cuz I'ma soon gonna be
having a Giganticat Birthday! 
Yep Uh HUH it's for sure

But now, you see I started at the early age to raise my paw
 (awake or slumbering)
when  I needed that AhTenZeeOHknee! Yep Uh Huh it's true.

My big smitten kitten ears would hear "hey the tub is full" SO I always
checked it out cuz I loves my tub of food full but CATZOWEY
This tub was not purrrcisely what I had in my meowster mind.

 Purrrsonally cat chatting with you .... this is my favorito cake
when I turned dat terrible two! But this month I'ma gonna be turning
FINE & NINE FINALLY & gotta giganticat PAWSatively great surprise
arriving for you.
Stay tuned!

Life is purrrreshus (don't catnap too much) and purrrfecto with
YOU being my meowvalous pal.

 I'm wishing YOU a nonCATastrophic week.

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

April 10, 2015

It's a Giant Week To Play Ball - Catch It IF You Can!

 Me and MYself kinda feeling Giant sized this week - yep uh huh - how's about YOU?

 It's absolutacatically cool that SPRING is here. 
I gotta purrrrractice springing around with my favorito baseball that's 
been catnapping all winter long.

Here comes my Guido One-OH-One lesson on Strutting Your Stylish Stuff.
#1: You gotta be styling and smiling with your hat for sure then you get abundacat applause
 from all the fans in the stands! Yep UH huh it's for sure.

FANS are what keeps ya going when playing ball so ya
always wanna face your favorito fan.
Gotta have a series of  BIG dreams too and don't give up on them.
Yep, WORLD SERIOUS dreams can come true.

 PS ... itza taxing time of the year but it's for sure Me & MYself 
wishes meowvalous you a nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

March 25, 2015

Minding My Meowster Manners

Catzowey! Me and Myself gonna take you back to my wild child and smitten kitten days when
I was trying to learn my Meowster Manners - yep uh huh.

Didja ever hear somebody scream"do the dishes?"  
Well I started so so so early checking on the dish masheen to be sure 
it's doing the dishes.

Always, yep uh huh, always you wanna give up your space for your house guest.

Good ideas to check your glasses for spots - uh huh it's for sure you
don't want to see spots or dots on your glasses.

Be sure you always looks dat friend smack dab in the eye when
cat chatting with dat friend.

It's meowvalous to purrractice being EGGstatic over simple stuff.

Well that's all my smitten kitten Minding My Meowsters Manners tips I learned.
Now YOU know I wish YOU the mostest nonCATastrophic week - uh huh I do!

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

March 17, 2015

Kiss Me! I'm Irish - OOOPS! Well Today I Am

Just one day a year we can all purrrtend weeza Irish and everybody believes it. 
Yep uh huh it's for sure.

You gonna be seeing a sea of green everywhere and on your munching luncheon plate too! 
Pssst my organicatnip is as green as can be & no plate required.

San Franfuncisco's finest SFPD wearing the green on the machine.

Whaaat?  My man cat self asked for a lil mug. But someone got smug 
with this inky dinky lil leprechaun sized jug.

Catzowey! Lil sisfur Grappa kissed the birdie blarney stone today!

Wishing you a nonCATastrophic week and a week full of meowvalous smiles

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

February 26, 2015

A Senior Moment Can Be So So So Special

It's no secret that I'ma a cat with a job. Yep uh huh - I been on the job almost 8 years and that
means Me & MYself been working with special friends at the seniors center since
 I was a yungun at 1. I LOVE senior moments !

 My special senior pals share their special secrets which makes 
my whiskers wiggle. But I keeps the secret cuz that's what friends do. 
Pssst ... 
 it's not good to let the cat out of the bag!

It's for sure Me & MYself loves looking into the eyes of my special senior friends. 
Makes me purr for sure.

Part of being a real certified Animal Assisted Therapy pet is to do house-calls
cuz if YOU call I'll be there!
 I luvs luvs luvs this house cuz the senior who's so special lets me play dat piano. 
So I paw out "I Did It My Way" honoring my fellow EyeTailYun Frankie Sinatra.

Always great to dress up when you're on the job. Me & MYself are mindful to wear
 a deeziner tie cuz it's just the right tie to catch someone's eye. Perhaps I get a purrrrrmotion too!

Some people don't have 9 lives.
So every now and then I make a Hospice visit.
Connecting our paws is amazing for me and the guest too.

 YEP uh huh - Having a Senior moment can be SO Special.

I wish YOU a nonCATastrophic week and a special one too

Ciao & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

February 17, 2015

Gung Hay Fat Choy & Fat Tuesday Too

It's not REDiculous at all that everything is coming up FAT this week.
 Didja know "Gung Hay FAT Choy" is happy Chinese New Year, and it's the
 Year of the Goat/Ram we hear. So don't youza go ramming around but perhaps you 
grows a Goat Tee Hee Hee - yep uh huh datza what lil sisfur Grappa thinks - and me too.

Bamzatini we got Fat Tuesday & Chinese New Year all in one meowvalous week!

Fat Tuesday izza funtastic Tuesday cuz I can eat bags of my favorito Canidae cat foods and go back for the second helping too cuz you gotta get fat on Fat Tuesday.

What can I add to Chinese New Year & Fat Tuesday to top off the week?

A bottle of EyeTailYun Purrrseco is purrfecto!

Wishing YOU a nonCATastrophic week and a purrfecto Fat Tuesday
and a happy Gung Hay Fat Choy too

Ciao & Meow !
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

February 10, 2015

Heart To Heart Cat Chat

Catzowey my friends! Rumors circulating faster than a gerbil taking a spinning class,  that we gotta keeps our hearts healthy even for we meowsters who got the 9 lives. Yep Uh HUH itza for sure.

Happy Hearts day coming up on 14th of February so you wanna have your
heart doing dat bumpity bumps bump thingy so youza thinks pinks I think.

 I tells ya, always test the water if youza thinking of sending Happy Hearts Day flowers
to someone, or to you and yourself (nobody knows cuz your secret is safe with
Me & MYself)

My 2 lips wanna tella ya that showers of flowers are always the purrrfecto
Happy Hearts Day present but tulips are not healthy petals for we Meowster cuz
theyza toxic petals. So send something else to you and yourself.

 Dontcha send an armadillo but DO send an organicat pinky pillow !

It's OK if you're not in the pink giftie mode so look meowvalously into my EyeTailYun
mancat eyes to have dat Heart to Heart Cat Chat with Me & MYself- yep uh huh it's
gonna keep your heart doing dat bumpity bumps bump thing.  It's my giftie to meowvalous you & it's a superb envirocatically correct gift cuz it duzn't need wrapping paper. Gotta PURRRtect Mother Earth on Happy Hearts Day.

 I wish you a nonCATastrophic week - and sending you EyeTailYun mancat hugs!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

January 31, 2015

It's Super Dooper Bowl Time At The Man Cat Mansion

Catzowey! All paws on the Planet know it's Super Dooper Bowl time and Me and Myself
always enjoys this weekend of enjoying the Bowl ... sometimes a bunch of Bowls too.

Didja ever purrrponder who's playing in the Bowl?

Me & MYself likes to feel what the opposing team member is up to right at the start of the 
Bowl game. Yep Uh HUH!

Hey! It's  Super Dooper Bowl weekend and life is meowvalous
just being at the Bowl if it doesn't take a toll on ya trying to figure out if youza at the 
right bowl or not.

 AND I tells ya, yep uh huh it's true that this 2015 Super Dooper Bowl game is  so so so speshule that I decided to bring along my lil sisfur Grappa. Itza her 1st ever Bowl Game. Go Grappa Go is sure better than her hearing No Grappa NO.

This Super Dooper Bowl is MY kind of Bowl!

Now you really do know I loves a good BOWL, right?
And I wish YOU a super dooper nonCATastrophic week too

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


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