April 28, 2018

The HUG Theory According to Guido The Italian Kitty

Catzowey! Me & Myself are telling ya that a HUG goes a very long way 
any day at any meowment. 

Yup Uh Huh it's for sure! And there are abundacat ways to HUG 
Here's some of my faves for meowvalous you to learn The HUG Theory 
according to  Me & Myself - Guido the Italian Kitty!

HUGS don't always have to be face to face ...  you can HUG in 
different pawzishuns anytime cuz a HUG is a HUG always.

You can find out a HUG can be nose to nose, cuz I knows! 

This is a really big Man Cat to Man Cat HUG  
 Cuz we had Man Cat Hugs galore!Hoorayzatini for Man Cat Hugs!

Sometimes ya just wanna hug something sweet that you love
like a giganticat Ice Cream cone! Yup Uh Huh it's for sure.

NOWZA WOWZA ... Time to review HUGS with you.
Nothing finer than the real deal when I'm on the job with my
very special needs seniors. HUGS rock! And HUGS come in all
forms and shapescuz a HUG is just special no matter how it arrives.

Wishing you a meowvalous nonCATastrophic week 
full of HUGS HUGS and more HUGS!

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

PS .. are ya ready for my turning Terrific Twelve in May?  
Party idea is coming soon! Hoorayzatini! I'm ecstaticat!

March 9, 2018

Look - I'm In A Book

Catzowey! I got booked but not in the way
you thinks you get booked normally. 

Paws UP to this funtasticat lil book 
Look - it's me on page 100

Yup uh huh - I see it's says "Add whimsy to the world" so I guess
that's what I'm doing in a whimsical meowvalous way in between 
my catnaps and my job - yup I'm in year 11 of my Animal
Assisted Therapy job and no sign of retiring.

Me & Myself are melting over being in this lil book.

Pssst - can you keeps a secret and not let the cat out of the bag?  
I been booked before way back in 2008 when I appeared in 

I was a lil smitten kitten then but it's a giant book so 
I look jumbo on the pages! Dats me hanging out on 2 pages!

 The LUXURY FOR CATS BOOK is so large
I can catnap on it - kinda luxurious.

Now I wish you a nonCatastrophic week and hope you sneak 
in some meowvalous catnapping time too! But be sure to buy a good book 
that makes you purr.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

December 24, 2017

Working on Christmas Is Making Me Purr For Sure

 Catzowey it's Christmas and I've had no time to be relaxing and chillaxing cuz I been on the job (you know my Animal Assisted Therapy job) - just like Santy Claus is busy working this week. But I found my EyeTailYun stocking & hung it - Hoorayzatini!!

 Testing my ManCat vocals for doing the 
Fa La La Ha Ha Ha song.

 On the job with my favorite 32 special
seniors where I been working since I was
a young-un at one!  This is me passing out 400
Christmas Cards this week and looking a lil
Holly Dazed too.

 Change of Holly Dazed outfit for the next job when 
I visits a nice guy at his nursing facility.
Dontcha think this is gonna makes him
laugh alot? Ho HO HO and alotta Ha Ha HA!
Catzowey it's another meowvalous Holly Dazed
outfit change cuz I'm working Christmas Eve at the lovely
Conventry Place assisted living house - gonna
be trotting my Holly Dazed self through their
dining room at lunch time to schmooze with 
all the nice folks.  Psssst ... the receptionist is 
kinda giddy over me checking in!

 Making merry and spreading the love is meowvalous & I luvs my
Animal Assisted Therapy job. Now I'm gonna
kick my paws back and take some ornaments OFF
the tree in fine feline style. Yes, OFF the tree cuz I'm still a
smitten kitten.

Me & Myself wishes wonderful you the most
magical Christmas week. Hoping it's non-Cat-astrophic.
Paws up to my amazing photographer MarkRogersPhotography.com
cuz this is my favorito pic ever.

Buon Natale!
Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

October 24, 2017

A MEOWVALOUS Cat-tastic Halloween For Me

Halloween is almost here and Me & Myself thinks 
we should find my purrrrfecto costume. So here
we go with YOUR help! I kinda likes being
a Ha-ha Hawaiian Tourista!

PURRRhaps I should Trick N' Tweet as a 
Lil devil - I can be a super dooper Lil devil
for sure cuz I'm a sweet EyeTailYun Man Cat
with a lil devilish side.

Let me bite your Sardines! Well isn't that
what Dracucatula said?

Did someone say Johnny Depp is out and I'm IN?
PurrrEyeRats of The Caribbean here I come!

YUP I'm thinking about Trick n' Tweeting as
a World Series Ball Playing pitcher and not gonna let
go of my pitching ball but hoping I get treats in
my ball bag.Whatcha think?

Hmmzatiini I might like to put on my colorful hat and go as a
whatcha think .. it does match my eyes right?

Catzowey! I'm clowning around in town!

Yee Haw !  I'm an Aussie Jackaroo dude rounding
up the Kangaroo Hoo Hoo's!!
Feeling kinda Giddyyupish!  Your vote?

Wishing wonderful meowvalous you the mostest
make it nonCATastrophic!

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

August 6, 2017

Guido's Gotcha Day 11th Anniversary and He's Working It

Catzowey and more Catzowey!
I'm celebrating 11 years in my fabtastic forever and ever home 
and I wanna share some good stuff with you. Ready??  
This pic is me August 5, 2006 hours after I had selected my forever home 
at the huge age of 62 days old. Ahhhhh that's what everybody says ... Ahhhhhh yup uh huh,  I did grow into my ears!

 To celebrate my forever home anniversary, I
went to work cuz you know I'm a cat with a job.
Here's me in my Alo-ha-ha-ha shirt spreading love.

 Everybody at the seniors center for challenged folks
seem happy to see me & myself! And I'm purring
about being on the job cuz it's what makes life
meowvalous. (pssst ... can ya keep a secret? I'm 
a lil challenged with life stuff at times too - aren't you?)

Head massage on the job rocks! 

Just chillaxing and relaxing on the job - why not?
Hey some folks get written up for relaxing on the
job but I get massages cuz relaxing makes me feel feline fine on the job.

On my Forever Home 11th Anniversary week I gotta be out and about
and today on Sunday 6th of August I took me and myself to
visit a cool 96 years young man who recently got moved out from his home 
to another spot. As a cat I know change is not fun so I donned my SF Warriors
Jersey for his San Fran self and curled up next to this great gentleman.
Man cats unite!  And we both had a meowvalous visit. Cat chatted about whisker
trims and shaving - hee hee !

 Who knew August 5, 2006 that me being a lil smitten kitten 
could grow into a Cat With A Job? Don't  ever give up on
your dreams cuz ya never ever knows what might
meowvalously happen!

Wishing wonderful YOU the mostest meowvalous
and  non-catastrophic week.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

July 1, 2017

Fourth-Tastic and Cat-Tastic-YUP all in 1 week

Catzowey! Me & Myself are in the Fourth-Tastic mood this
week and gonna be doing some sparkling stuff so get ready...

 Holiday time for many but I'm a cat on the job.
Working with my pals, the very special seniors
is so so important that Me & Myself decked out in the finest of
4th of July finery,  cuz gotta be looking
Fourth-Tastic and Cat-Tastic when on the job - right? 

 Catzowey! It's my special senior pal I visited and
when she smiles and I purr galore - we're a real deal 
of funtastic furiends! Pssst .. Forget my Staff
on the left cuz she should be working not 

 Hmmmzatini I got my paws on dat very
special senior's chair so she don't fall
Luv purrrtecting my so so special senior pals.

 Getting comfurtable for sure on my Cat Therapy job
 and  hope I don't get written up by the Manager for
relaxing and chillaxing on the job!

Happy Fourth-Tastic wishes to you in the USA! 
Wishing you a Fourth-Tastic week filled with oodles of  non-CAT-OH-Strophic
 colorful meowvalous catzowey Kitty hugs too!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

May 28, 2017

Holy Cannoli! I'm A Smitten Senior Kitten !

Catzowey Catzowey and more Catzowey! 
If someone could remove one of those 1's from
my birthday cake, sure would make me
and myself feels like a Smitten Kitten again - but
wowza meows I'm 11!

My May 26th 2017 FurEyeDay birthday was
purrrrfecto cuz I went to work, yup on the job as
a therapy cat does.
Wore a special Birthday tie and tied one on with
all my favorito special seniors where I has my job for 10 
years now. WOW been working all my life.

And I took abundant birthday party hats cuz weeza having
my birthday party! (pssst who invited my Staff??)

It's meowvalous having my 11th birthday party with 32
funtastic folks who are singing "Happy Birthday Guido" all day!
And I shaked paws with all the special seniors cuz I luvs luvs
luvs them so so so much.

I opticatted not to wear a Birthday party hat but everybody 
else had their party hats on. Feline festive for sure.

Traveling back 11 years ago, phew .... I was the inky dinky 
smitten kitten.
And I finally grew into my ears it seems.

Would ya believe I passed out BEFORE my 1st birthday party!

Psssst ....  some things never change - this year I passed out AFTER 
my 11th birthday party!

Turning 11 is absoluticatically meowvalous!

Can ya hear me?
I'm wishing YOU the mostest nonCATastrophic 
week and cheers to more catzowey good times!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


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