January 27, 2016

Super Bowl Time In My Town? Yep Uh Huh!

Catzowey!  Psssst .... YOU know and Me & MYself knows that
it's Super Dooper Bowl time in my City By the Bay.
So I'm bringing out my favorito Super Bowl to enjoy!

 And Super Bowl 50's theme this year is giving back a lot & sharing so
I'm sharing my Super Bowl with my lil sisfur Grappa. Yep uh huh 
it's for sure!

Catzowey and Double Catzowey! It's the LARGE and In CHARGE
PURRRDucer's  time to share our Super Bowl.

Pssst ... Me & Myself are ready to welcome the Catzillion
folks to my City by the Bay cuz I'ma on the  Super Bowl 50 
Host Committee and gonna be pawsatively helping  folks who 
purrrrponder where to go (Ya know I'm gonna be sending them to 
my favorito Catnip Bar). 

So GO GO GO Super Bowl 50 cuz it's so meowvalously nifty 
whatza you are doing in my City by the Bay - San Franfuncisco
the City dat opens up it's Golden Gates to all - Hooray!

Sending my abundacat and SUPER DOOPER Kitty Hugs to YOU - yup!

Ciao & Meow

GUIDO the Italian Kitty

Buona Pasqua And Happy Easter Too To You

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