June 14, 2015

Summing Up Sum Sum Summertime

Catzowey Catzowey ! My Mancat kitty nose been sneezing and weezing
with the springing Spring time flowers and now weeza gonna 
gets into some sort of Sum Sum Summertime fun stuff and get un-stuffed !

Purrrhaps it's the perfecto time to stop sneeezing and weezing, 
and just meet and greet new friends.

 But itza fur sure  that before ya meet & greet new
friends you gotta always check the pollen level so youza not
sneezing and weezing with your new pals.

Psssst .... then youza gotta checks out your paws to
make sure your Pawdicure is purrfecto for your meeting
and greeting new furiends!

  Might be an ah ha ha ahhhhh choo with tongue in cheek moment but whatever
itza is, you gotta be welcoming some Sum Sum Summertime soon !

 Me and MYself recommends grabbing on to some fun Sum Sum Summertime stuff anytime. Cuz
that's why life is Catzowey

Wishing meowvalous YOU a nonCatastrophic week
Ciao & Meow !
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


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