September 1, 2019

It's September & A Catzowey Time To Remember

Catzowey Catzowey! I was inky dinky in September 2006.

 Then in 2008 me & my bigger self went to Hollywood 
to be on a TeeVee show called Think Like a Cat and
look at dat meowvalous host, Signore Chuck Woolery
meeting and greeting me in my private studio shower! Do
ya see me in the preview?

 Here's the stage where my Staff and other Staffs were.
OMC! Do ya  think we Meowwsters are 
gonna race dat track?
I think a Producer/Director didn't have a cat 
otherwise they'd never ever think this game up! 

Signore Chuck was ecstaticat to do Eskimo
greeting ala nose hugs -  but weeza in Hollywood
not Alaska!

Me and Myself don't get crabby often!

2011 I ends up being in the meowvalous Morris the Cat calendar!
He's a Celebricat for sure and an amazing Meowster!

Catzowey mates! I'm down under in Australia
wearing the infamous Jacaru hat and looking for
jumping (not boxing)  Kangaroos - woo hoo!

Pssst.. you know Me & Myself are EyeTailYun so
we loves the glass full and can eye ya too - woo hoo!

Life is meowvalous when Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy holds ya
and says " Youza never ever gonna be on my show
cuz youza PURRfecto" .

THEE bestest thing in life is being at my Animal Assisted Therapy job
 with my very special senior pals - they sure make me purr.

Now I wishes you a mostest meowvalous month
and make it a NonCatAstrophic one.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

July 3, 2019

Pawsative Feline Fashionistacat Fourth Of July 2019

Me & Myself are EyeTailYun for sure BUT it's for sure we
loves an event to celebrate anything so here I go 
cuz it's Fourth of July funtasticat time to bring out
some stripes and stars too.

Bringing out the Red Whites and Blues too
Do I looks like the Church lady? Hee hee hee

 Flag furling & unfurling is my favorito thing this week as 
it's easy peasy and no purrrrressing is needed.

 Health Note:
Gotta keep an eye or 2 on the grill and use your
flag to purrrrtect your feline self from the sun
and the tuna burgers that are flaming.

 Wowza Meowza - looks like everybody is happy
to see my feline fashionistacat self this week!

Nothing finer than being on the Animal Assisted Therapy
Job where my very special seniors make me purr so much
today and everyday.

WOWza MEOWza - this painting of me rocked my paws today
on July 3rd!
 I visited my very special 31 seniors and wore my
4th of July Fashionistacat  scarf too. Ohhhh they makes me purr!
WOWza MEOWza this man made  a painting of me - YAY
Dontcha love love love it?

Being on the Job any day is meowvalous cuz I loves being on
the job but today is purrrfecto.
 I gets hugs and my mancat purr masheen revs up on high motor level!
Lucky me

If youza in the USA like me, I wishes you the mostest
nonCATtastrophic 4th of July - be safe, hope it's full of love
and fun and sunny rays and some fabtastic foods too! 


GUIDO the Italian Kitty

May 24, 2019

Party Time For Guido's 13th Birthday - Holy Cannoli!

I'm really turning 13 on 
Sunday May 26th 2019 and I'm 
ready to party hearty! Join me and let's celebrate!

Yup uh huh this is me 13 years ago - kinda cute 
dontcha think? HEE HEE HEE

Me & Myself loves to party 
This is my cake waaaay back when I turned
the Terrible Two! Still acting like Terrible Two and 
happy cat about it.

Pssst .. I'm exhaustacatted after my 5th birthday party

Purring cuz I've had my birthday parties every
year for 12 years with the amazing wonderful super
duper special seniors where I do my Animal Assisted
Therapy job for 12 years - yup been on the job all 
my life. Working as a happy cat

Nothing finer than getting hugs on your birthday
or on any day really.

Hoorayzatini - she's so happy to see me 
at my Animal Assisted Therapy Job & I'm
ecstaticat to see her too!

I'm asking for the mostest meowvalous13th Birthday prezzie.
Just $1 for each year I've been on the Planet
It goes to the City of San Francisco Pound - yup uh huh like in 
not a fun spot.. but I made it out and others will too thanks to your 
birthday prezzie


Wishing you a Non CatAstrophic week and
Paws Up for a Catzowey Year!
Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

April 14, 2019

Buona Pasqua And Happy Easter Too To You

Me and Myself are in meowvalous disguise to welcome
the visiting Signore Wabbit when he arrives for Easter.
Dontcha think I look like his hippity hoppity happy brofur? 

 Getting kind of  EGG-static this week! Hoorayzatini!

 Holy cannoli! I see eggs eggs and more eggs 
in my future this week ... purrrpondering if I can
play hockey with them!

 Psst .. this is my Staff who I invite to join Me & Myself
at my job, my Animal Assisted Therapy job.
Been on the job 12 years of my Man Cat life to
 be with my special needs seniors who make me purr.
 Pssst again ..... it's kind of ducky and I'm lucky to be wearing
my Easter Tie cuz it's special,  just like my 32 special senior pals are.

 Buona Pasqua - hey dats EyeTailyun for Happy Easter!
And Me & Myself are ready to meet and greet
Signore Bunny soon.

Catzowey! My lil sisfur Grappa is feeling 
Easterish.  Watch out world! 
She's not named Grappa for nothing! Hee hee hee!

Buona Pasqua, Happy Everything
and cheers to you having a non-catastrophic week.
AND thanks for being my Catzowey friend!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty

It's September & A Catzowey Time To Remember

Catzowey Catzowey! I was inky dinky in September 2006.  Then in 2008 me & my bigger self went to Hollywood  to be on a TeeVee...