December 10, 2007

Out On A Limb

Tis the season to be jolly or is it time for feline folly? My pawsatively busy paws are making Holly Days progress and I've managed to get the tree up. Whew and mew.... it was a little CATastrophic to check out each limb, but being the PURRfectionist I am, it was necessicat to assure my tree is safe for me.

What to look for in a tree: full and fresh, strong and comfy so I went out on a very high limb and tested resting - abundacat catnaps upon the limbs is the pawsatively sure way to know if the tree and I are compaticats for the season. Five paws up for this Noble Fir (oops Noble Fur) and catzowey it's got gold lights that warm my smitten kitten whiskers. Whatever jingles your bells, make sure your tree is comfy and cozy!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty


Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Guido, and hang on in there.

Happy Happy!

The Fezzik

Anonymous said...

the great hunter waiting
G-MAN xo.

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