October 13, 2008

Columbus Day Purrade With Guido

Without a doubtacat, of course  my Italian paws went to the Columbus Day purrade in San Francisco - sun rays were shining  purrfectly I  wanted to stop  my float and catnap for a block. People lining the stureets were neet to meet and greet and of course it was a meowvalous molto bene time with my purrfect paisan pals. Befur the purrade, I couldn't quite decide on what "PURRoud to be Italian"  kitty couture to wear ...

On the PUrrade route, the Blue Angels were winging it overhead and I tried to CATch a glimpse from my float .... lemme tell ya, those are big blue birds we meowsters don't have a smitten kitten chance of catching! Better stick to the garden variety that fly low!
Catzowey, last week I got interviewed by the mega meowster SKEEZIX THe Cat - he's the Cat's Meow and how. We  trekked our paws to my favfurite outdoor Italian cafe, over double creme Catpuccino's in North Beach. For Skeezix, I  donned a  suit and put on my great gramp's Italian tie fur this oppfurtunity. If you're curious as a cat as to what we cat chatted about ... just visit

I gotta catnap cuz I'm exhaustikitty this week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty

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