October 5, 2009

Falling Into The Fall Vegietayshun

Itza Fall and me and myself (yep uh huh, my organicat self) has falled into da famous Fall foliage and landed in da Farmers Meowkart, cuz itza filled to the maxEEmum with sensayshunal vegies and fruities. So come on along and I'ma not singing a song, but let me andza myself take youza on a pawsatively great tour of what's hitting da fruits di giorno runway and rolling towards our Autumn Vegie Tables.... Here we goes..
Early Girls get da worm - oops! I thinksa it's early birds got da worm but I got da word on Early Girls tomatoes and theyza bella beautiful and my EyeTailYun eyes are gazing at da Early Girls. They'za making my whiskers wiggle fur shure!
MEOWza WOWza! Weeza arrived in da land of PepperOhCheeKnee - yikes itza hot red pepper land and these fruits of my home land are atza high tide this time of da year. The sweet red peppah will make yur whiskers wiggle fur shure but don't let it getza hold of ya! Youza gotta take control of yur PepperOhCheeKnee at all time!
Basta Pasta and OH puhleezse boyz ... whatsa yur mommas going to think of yur Pawty Platter? Youza gotza control yurselves when youza sees da Celebricat tasting da Anju Pears! Looks like deeza guys hazza purrobably rolled in da pears and smoked da sweet seasonal fruits, cuz they'za mismeowhavin' and looking super silly too! Itza just a Pawty Platter!
Cows frum CalEyeFurKneeYah izza happy cows! But Catzowey, whatza dis happy cow thinking bout? No blind cow dates fur this EyeTailYun kitty! So nowza you got da grocery list of whatza FUResh in da Farmers Meowkart waiting fur youza to show up with yur cloth bag - undoubtacatically that makes youza an OhFishYul envirocat! And without any further purrondering, theeza veggies and fruities wanna get ta know you better, so go and pick them up and getza them to yur table. You'za gonna be purrked up and ecstaticat you ventured to da Fall Vegietayshun!

Wishing you a non-Catastrophic furesh Fall week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Honey P. Sunshine said...

begatables r gud fur yoo

Skeezix the Cat said...

WOWERS! Whut an inxsiting time yoo had!

Vicki said...

I got the gazette on Wednesday. Thanks for the great read. remember I'm in Australia mate.

Kelly H. said...

I love your beautiful colorful photos from the Farmers Market - especially those lovely Pepperohcheeknees!

Tigger said...

Oh how I love the farmer's market! We have the lovely Apple Hill up where I live--lots of veggie stands, Christmas tree farms, and such :)


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