February 1, 2010

iPad or MY Pad?

      Frustrayshun alert!  My smitten kitten self feels a hiss fit coming on cuz da news is abundacatically full (kinda like a bad litter box)  with stuff, yep uh huh, justa stuff and molto more stuff about the iPhone or MyPhone and the new iPad. Well shuksatini itza confusing and not too amewsing. So let's purrpetuate the situashun and streamline our 9 lives:  come on over to MY PAD and youza gonna have a fine feline time, fur shure, at my house!

When youza comes to  My PAD in San Franfuncisco, you might wanna be shure to wear da flowers in yur hair but itza not necessary cuz I gotza flowers in MY PAD - yep uh huh! I gotza flowers all over da place, even some petals in my face!

Me, myself nor nobody else izza gonna put your iPhone or iPad on da shelf at MY PAD cuz weeza gonna only put you and me up on da shelf where weeza gonna have the birds eye view of stimulating stuff! Itza da place di honor (thatza EyeTailYun!)  and purrhaps weeza even see a purrson's PURRmature balding spot or a crust of dust on da shelf -  but our lips izza zipped and we can't let da cat out of the bag if weeza sees stuff and fluff.

NOWza MEOWza! If youza feeling homesick fur yur home at MY PAD, youza can always reach out and touch someone, like me - cuz me and myself pawsatively wants youza to feel at home at MY PAD.

Don't waste almost 9 lives trying to figure out what to do with da iPad cuz youza gonna have far more fun at MY PAD! Now here's da instrukZeeOhKnees of the week:  youza be shure youza has da mostest fantasticat nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Busby and Raymond said...

You are so right Guido! We know we would have more fun at your pad than with an iPad. Or a pad of paper, or a brillo pad, or an sos pad...


Melvin the Teacup Himalayan said...

We'll be over in a jiffy! :D

Jacqueline said...

Guido, that sounds like a great time=we will go outside, stick our thumbs out and be over asap!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Kyande Kisu & KuJu Ku said...

Hey Guid, We want to come to SanFrancisco so we can wear flowers in our fur.

Daisy said...

Your pad sounds much, much betterer than an iPad. Definitely!

Curly said...

Guido, I am technologically challenged, but I might enjoy padding across an iPad. (If the hoomans didn't want us cats to mess with their hi-tech equipment, why did they name one of those thingies a "mouse"?)

Diamond said...

Hello Guido, thanks for visiting my blog. You obviously lead a very catmopolitan and sophisticated lifestyle in San Francisco.

I like the idea of flowers in the fur, as long as I don't have to wear them. I can get very irritable after a short exposure to flour in the fur and start sneezing. Probably a reaction to being a housecat.
You are a good cook too, I can see. I hope your human truly appreciates you for what you are.

d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

TWO handsome man-cats!


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