February 28, 2011

Oscar Night With Oscar and Me

 Hot Diggity Dawgza! When the whole giganticat  global press told me and myself Sunday February 27th was the night to be with Oscar, I purrrzooms theyza meaning itza da purrfecto night to meet and greet dat dude whooza driving and arriving in his Weinermobile!  I waited fur a while at my door to meetza and greetza Oscar, but shuksatini,  he turned to be a wienie no show cuz heeza da wrong Oscar!

 Whooza Hooraying for Hollywood?  Me! And I shure did get my paws fast, over tooza Hollywood to The Oscars - the correcticat Oscars - land o' giganticat Stars on the sidewalks and Stars in yur eyes. Grabbed my golden celebricat shades and  purrpondered how to purrance down that Red Carpet cuz thatza where all the Purrrpurrrazzi is flashing - I means flashing their flashie bulbs.

 Struting da stuff down that  Red Carpet can be confusing and not always amewsing! Purrhaps youza trips on a Star's falsh eyelash datsa fallen frum her emergency falsh eyelash back pack,  or you has to hurdle a big pawsagraph book that gets tossed at ya.

 Catzowey! So so so much happening on the Red Carpet  -  I'ma looking left andza right fur my Celebricat black-out God Father styled sunny shades so the fans doesn't see my Roman roaming eyes.

 AhTenZeeOhKnee! Here's a meowvalous fashion statement when youza goes to meet Oscar at The Oscars - definicatically wear all yur biggest baubles and make shure theyza borrowed!

Youza purrobably curious as a cat to know whatza my favorito mewvie of all my lives? Well without a doubtacat, itza THE GODFATHER cuz itza EyeTailYun mewvie.  Hope yur week is funtasticatically meowvalous, nonCATastrophic and Viva La Mewvies!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Julia Williams said...

Haha! Guido, there's no cat that can strut the red carpet quite like you can!

Keisha said...

O hai. I like mooveys too. :) Did u ever see "Kitten Party"? It is really good! :)

Mark said...

Funny, I would have thought "The Italian Job" or "Cat People" would have been your favorites.

Nancy said...

OMC Guido...Mommy remembers the Oscar Meyer "Weinermobile" from when she was a kid.
You look elegant on that red carpet!

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