June 6, 2011

Rev Up & Work Out With My Energizing Secrets

 Life just keeps getting more meowvalous after each catnap and turning Fab 5  last month was fabuloso fur shure! Youza probably curious as a cat to know what keeps my EyeTailYun motor revved up and my whiskers wiggling in energized mode all over the Globe.  Come close so youza can hear my secrets to a good and healthy life.  Shhh dontcha tell anybody cuz itza just between youza and Me & Myself.

Numero Uno ... stretch everyday, all the time and anytime ,in between meals or during meals, after meals and whenever youza reeling from a meal, just stretch cuz itza good for the meowscles - hey have youza ever heard of a cat having a knee replacement? 

 Numero Two - get close to natural stuff, like uber ruby red tomatoes and snuggle in the catnip cabinet!

Numero Tre (datsa EyeTailYun for #3) ... The good times will be ALL the time if youza eats correctacatically and healthy.  Speaking of eating, I hear a drum roll cuz I gotta giganticat announcement fur youza right NOWza MEOWza! Yep uh huh, I'ma purrroud to tell you Me & Myself have been honored by the makers of the mostest all natural foods for we cats and dogs. I'ma purring being selected as their 1st Spokescat!  Pawsative applause puhleeze for CANIDAE-FELIDAE the USA manufactured fabuloso food that's  filled with the healthiest goodies galore (like in my EyeTailYun kitchen)! Yep uh huh, I devours by the hour FELIDAE Grain Free Food cuz itza for felines and the CANIDAE izza fur my canine buddies. Catzowey theyza even got munchies for da Seniors and  for those furs whooza waist lines izza busting at the seams like an over stuffed EyeTailYun cannoli!

And, I got more amewsing news fur you!  CANIDAE/FELIDAE has also  honored Me &Myself in their SPECIAL ACHIEVERS department, cuz I'ma Cat with a job and theyza thought that was amazing.  Purrsonally I thinks my mostest special achievement is wrestling my organicat Nip toy!

Here's to a nonCATastrophic week, abundacatnaps and good healthy foods.
Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Katnip Lounge said...

HURRAH, Guido!

Julia Williams said...

Concatulations! You will make a fine spokescat for that yummy food!

Mary said...

Congratulations GUIDO!! We know you will be a Great Spokeskitty!!
Hugs, Lila Mae & Furs

meowmeowmans said...

You're going to be a pawsome spokskitty, Guido! :)

Curly said...

Concatulations on your new purrsition as a spokescat for Felidae cat food! You will be a purrfect spokescat.

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