March 4, 2013

It's A Doggone Great Day In The City By The Bay

Yep uh huh! There is something catzowey about partying with a pooch, and my pooch pals love hanging around with Me & Myself in San Franfunciso, where we have doggone funtastic times.

We cats can strut out our stuff on the New Yawk City cat walks during fashun week so when I says "STRIKE DA POSE POOCH" my doggone good furiends pose!

Way back when Me & Myself wazza smitten kitten sized and a little inky dinky,  I began having the Pooch Playdates.

 Whatza even more meowvalous than a Pooch Playdate? A doubletastic Pooch Playdate!

 Dipping my paws in the pool izza meowvalous when Me & Myself has a life guard looking over us, cuz I'ma not wearing my Life Purrrrsevor - I brought mine live!

 Hot diggity Dogster!  My paws haven't touched da ground today!!

 It's fur shure, yep uh huh, all cool Pooch Pals go to the famoso Famous Wayne's Shoe Shine Stand in the City of our World Champ SF Giants, cuz they wanna gets their doggone great paws buffed up.

Wishing youza meowvalous week and make it a doggone great & nonCATastrophic one too!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


jessica Sala said...

LOL Love the lips on the first guy!

Timmy Tomcat said...

Goodness Guido! I admit you look like you are having fun, but, don't they, uh, have a bit of wet-dog odor? MOL

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