June 23, 2013

Single, Double OR I'll Have A Triplet Please

Step up and order your single catpuccino and come to mingle at my EyeTailYun cafe.Youza leaves with abundacat new furiends and purrhaps has double the fun.

 Catzowey! Now I'ma having a double and it's no trouble to be looking at my twin! Pssst, I'ma honored that my furiend over in The Netherlands is an artistacat like Pawcasso was and painted Me & Myself and here's the piece du pawsistance!

WOWZA MEOWZA! EyeTailYun catpuccinos are growing from singles to triplets! My cups izza running over and out fur shure.

 Life is so so so meowvalous when I starts with a super single, goes to a twin and ends up with a triplets cup of my favorito EyeTailYun Catpuccino,  so where do I go from here? Purrhaps to relax in the restroom. I ask youza to purrponder why this Cafe has an "Express Restroom"? Life izza zippity flippity fast anyhow and I thinks we should slow down cuz weeza moves to fast, and this place should be at our own leisure, yep uh huh itza fur shure.

Wishing YOU a nonCATastrophic (and not express fast) week,
Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty



Lennon & Juliet's Kitty Talk said...

Guido you best watch having too many of dem things cause if our mommy has more dan one her gets very weird acting. Loves da painting of you sure captures da real you!

Diane Matsuura said...

You have give us more details about that Epress Restroom. I'm curious like a cat.

Stewart Pitt said...

Well said Guido,

people do live life way too fast. We needs to follow the Feline example and slink our way through life, just like our Fraser does.


Stewart & Fraser >^..^<

Brian said...

My Dad loves that coffee stuff too, any time, any flavor!

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