July 21, 2014

Two Generations Of Acrobaticats

Catzowey! It's Me & Myself waaaay back 8 years ago and about 16 pounds smaller (Yep Uh HUH but I'ma big boned Man Cat!) and some things just never ever change - like the weather changes every meowment. But Acrobaticat stuff never changes! Nope not at all.

Lil Sisfur Grappa following my chair acrobaticat act and doing fabuloso.

And I works hard to pass down to all in the furmily the art of arranging the flowers purrrfectly.

Hoorayzatini Lil Sisfur Grappa! Youza accomplished at arranging da flowers!

Itza for sure the flying saucer Pink Pod izza funtasticat even for an EyeTailYun Man Cat whooza needs a flight to a celesticatical getaway every now and then.

And a catzillion catnaps later, Lil Sisfur Grappa finds the Pink Pod - Hoorayzatini Grappa and have a great flight & remember your Passpurrrt & get a return ticket!

Catzillion of ribbons makes me wanna get colorful!

WOWza MEOWza Grappa izza colorful without da ribbons! 

Signorina Feline Genie .. look into my eyes and tells me if Lil Sisfur Grappa gonna follow me correctacatically.

Yep! Weeza sealed the deal.

So Grappa and Me & Myself wishing youza pawsome nonCATastrophic week,


GUIDO the Italian Kitty (and Lil Sisfur Grappa too!)


Lone Star Cats said...

We're all acrobicats round here too!

Guido the Italian Kitty said...

Catzowey Lone Star Cats - come on over for acrobaticat fun at my house in San Franfuncisco

Pamela & Tango said...

So what this shows me is before there was No Grappa No, there was No Guido No.

I love this edition Guido!

Anonymous said...


Kitties Blue said...

Omc...little sisfur, Grappa, is an adorable thing, and you have taught her well. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Julia Williams said...

Those are such great photos of the two of you!

Platelicker and MC said...

Love! Love! Love our Guido and Grappa!


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