September 20, 2006

Espresso Cat On The Move

My kitten antics find me deliriously embellished into anything Italian – hey I’m the Italian kitty,so I start my day with a PURRfect pound of Italian roast coffee

Then I take my MusiCatical lessons and am learning the Do Re Mi Meows.

Later in the day, I chow my mini molars into great gourmet cuisine- Friday was roasted chicken and tarragon sun dried tomato zucchinis. Friskies?

And what’s a day without drifting into a heavy kitten slumber to get ready for our evening cocktail party.

I did a blind taste tasting and am giving the French Roquefort 4 paws up.................

So it’s a just another wonderful week in San Fran! Ciao and Meow to you

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