September 20, 2006

Housecat Housekeeping

Guido Alberto here reporting on a wonderful week and although I’m not even 4 months old yet, I spent most of it doing housekeeping in lieu of playing – hey a guy has to do what he can do to earn his board around here! I put my PURRfect little paws into Williams Sonoma 100% “No Snag In Site” towels that are soothing on my inky dinky pads. No fake fibers for this feline!

Then I ventured to the bathroom where I spent most of my day separating trash as we recycle so that we’re a politicat-ically correct household here on the Hill.

I got wrapped up in my work!

4 hours later, I was still wrapped up in my job – housekeeping is not for me! I prefer pizza box shredding over this.

A multitude of you have asked how Baci is and she’s the greatest kitten Momma at her senior age! We wrestle daily and she is making me mind my manners and cracks the kitty whip around here. The exercise is good for her full figured feline waistline!

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