February 9, 2007

Guido Searches For PURRfect Valentine

Catzowey -everyone needs love, even an Italian Kitty and Guido is seeking a fabulous feline date for February 14th. So we've a kit kat dating contest and you're the judge: meet the girls, all fabulous female felines who are CATfident they'll guarantee Guido has a memorable 1st Valentine's Day with purrs galore while their paws behave.

Kitty Contestant 1 "Cassandra"
A three year old mackerel tabby and San Fran resident (geographicatily desirable-woo hoo!). Cassandra is a frisky health nut (poliCATically and environmentally correct gal) and when not catnapping, indulges in her favorite foods- arugula, frisee and anything else green - only in San Francisco! Her whiskers may frown on Guido's adoration for salame and procciutto but hey, maybe she can teach the wild child about green cuisine, and keep him healthy too while giving him a strong healthy heart to PURR for her on Valentines Day.

Kitty Contestant 2 "Marsha"
We know what's on Marsh's mind-she's got that red bed ready! This gorgeous gal lives at the San Fran SPCA and says she'll eat anything, anywhere and would love to have a younger man in her life (or in her kit kat bed). Marcia says the next best thing to being chosen as Guido's Valentine would be to be adopted from the SPCA.

Kitty Contestant 3 - "Marigold"
Originally from somewhere else, Marigold expresses her longtime goal is to become Signora Guido, caring PURRfectly for the mighty Italian meowster and keeping him in her boudoir tent while kitty carressing him with her full botox-styled lips. A full-figured feline, she claims she'll smother and mother Guido with his favorite Italian foods on Valentines Day. Currently at home at the SF SPCA, she's looking for a life change - maybe a good date too!

Kitty Contestant 4 - "Olympia""
Feisty and in shape, this athetleticat girl is decked out in Valentine red kitty couture - something that could woo Guido. She plans to take him on a cardio adventure for Valentines Day.

Tell us who you think Guido should buy catnip candies for!


Anonymous said...

There is no competition! Olympia the swimmer is my obvious choice!

Happy Valentine's Day.

Guido knows who...his AZ aquatic friend

Anonymous said...

There is no competition! Olympia the swimmer is my obvious choice!

Happy Valentine's Day.

Guido knows who...his AZ aquatic friend

Anonymous said...

Olympia's got it. What a lively cutie. However, from the looks of her, she doesn't need any more catnip snacks. Chocolate will do. On the off-nites, Marigold might sneak in.
Happy Valentine's Day....


Anonymous said...

Olympia is indeed a catch however, long term, my vote is for Marsha.
Happy Valentine's DAy

Anonymous said...

Paws up for Marigold as she looks big enough to control Guido if he misbehaves on his 1st Valentine's date - yo Marigold you've got style girl!

Anonymous said...

Guido is a cad!! He is affianced to Lily darling and is still gadding about?! Lily may have to reconsider this relationship...her heart will be broken. Poor Lily! She was convinced she was his one and only.

Lily's guardian

donna b said...

Agree - it's Olympia all the way

Anonymous said...

Cassandra would be good a fit for Guido because she'd get him healthy and off his pizza craze!

4 Paws for Guido said...

Oh Guido - you are so funny! Maybe you're like the Italian men who have a wife and girlfriend too! Please Mister Puss-Man, bring Guido the right girl kitty this week

Manhattan Canine said...
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Anonymous said...

woo hoo...it's olympia for sure. She's bursting from the pool to be greeted by Guido, just like Halle Berry emerging from the ocean in 007, Die Another Day. Move over Halle, the one and only catwoman is here. meow!

Fans of Cassandra said...

We vote for Cassandra - with her love for frisee, she should be looking for a French guy to mew with.

Scout the Savvy KitKat in NYC said...

Manhattan 'Feline Extraordinaire' stuck in Snowstorm thinks Marigold is the gal. She recognizes a kindred spirit and enough attitude to keep the young one in check! PLus, Scout would vote for any alumni from the SFSPCA!

Guido's True Love said...

All you felines out there can just keep your furry paws off my Guido!! That's right, he's mine! Even though I live in the Kingdom, and happen to be a dog, and he's a cat living in the city of San Fran, our love is deeper than you can imagine. He could never find true love with any of you 'city cats.' I'm the girl for him, so the rest of you can back off!!

p.s. Happy Valentine's Day my sweet Guido!

Love Maddy, your TRUE four legged love in the Kingdom

Anonymous said...

Marigold has a winning smile and loving eyes -- her heritage may be Italian, too!.

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