February 19, 2007

Oh Say Can You See Guido on Prez Day

My allegiance is to my homeland Italia, but am into this President's Day holiday and in lieu of having patriotic poultry or founding fathers fish, I've opted for unFURling our stars and stripes with great gusto - the Guido way.

Mille grazie to all who voted in the Kit Kat Dating Game, and 4-paws up for Olympia the atheleticat. I couldn't keep up with her cardio-cat activities. We kitties had a great date, but next day and barely over my vivacious Valentine, my Italian roving eyes caught a cutie (hey, I'm Italian!). Wrapped my paws around this gal giving her a kitten sized bear hug. Am I getting the reputation as a fickle feline!?

This miss called the shots and floored me and flattened my feline self firmly before I could even turn on my Purr for her! Is it something I said?

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO 'The Italian Kitty'

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