June 10, 2007

Shop Till The Paws Drop

What do you do when you need a perk up? GO SHOPPING! So off I went to Union Square and being the envirocat that I am (and hope you are) I took along my own cloth shopping bag - such a blissful blue color don't you think?

Popped out my MasterCat card and PURRchased these widdle wed wocks at Neiman Meowcuss for my flower vase and had a kittenish time trying to arrange them - definitely the sales tag should say "recommended for consumers over 2 feet tall".

Mama mia and a double catzowey - shopping is pawsatively exhausticating. True blue to the saying, I shopped AND dropped (no not my blue bag, but my smitten kitten self), zeroing in for a landing on the sofa sunray. Great time to replenish my catatonic electrolytes - you know, that DNA that keeps me PURRky and on my paws. All Italians take afternoon naps, haven't you heard it's the vida di Italia! What other way of life is there????

Wishing you a blissful week!
Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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