June 24, 2007

Tip Toe Through The Tomatoes

Summer Solstice, sun rays to lounge in and organicat vine ripened tomatoes - catzowey summer is here! So when this health conscious authoriCATive kitten selects the delicat fruits of the season, I take care to pawsatively choose the finest of the vines.

Be wise like an owl (WHO?) and check your produce PURRfectly. Don't be afraid to get in touch with your tomato - visit all sides of it from all sides.

And what to create with my vine ripens? Pots of Puttanescat red sauce,Seafood catserole, Tomato infused catnip soufle or forgot putting your paws to work have fun - big beefy tomatoes make great hockey pucks!

Ciao and Meow and wishing you terrific tomato shopping!

GUIDO-The Italian Kitty

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