September 3, 2007

Is The Grass Greener On The Other Side?

Fluoride loving feline that I am, (no I don't brush -but I do floss with all natural and very fresh grass blades) there is nothing this mighty meowster loves more, than to include good organicat greens in my daily diet. That's me and my home grown wheat grass crop.

You can imagine my ears perked and my whiskers stood on point when I got wind of September 2nd being the 40th Anniversary (catzowicans - that's 280 years in kitty years!) of The Summer of Love, and it was going to be happening in my City by the Bay. For weeks the papers clearly announced 'free grass would be everywhere' .... So my paws pranced over to Golden Gate Park on Sunday ....oh my, oh my, OH my - my smitten kitten eyes had a big surprise!

No Tye Dye in my cat-closet, so I wore my natural stripes with my jungle jacket, and donned a Peace necklace and my poster - I Just wanted to meld in naturally, and some folks were in really natural modes.

Yep, the press was right on: grass was everywhere (but not my organic healthy wheat grass) and versatile too: to sit and picnic on, to roll around on, to groove to the meowvalous music on, to indulge in. Click on this photo to see me up-close and PURRsonal. Feline frustrations - I just tried to fit in PURRfectly incatnito, at The Summer of Love. My kitty consensus is I preFUR my organic kitty wheat grass from my local North Beach Pet Shop.

Peace, Love & Organic Wheat Grass Blessings!
Guido - The Italian Kitty

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you have a grassoholic! Perhaps intervention time??

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