August 26, 2007

The SuPURRfluous PURRfect Purse Guide

It's a kaleidoscopicat thing: we felines revel when jumping into or hanging out in purses. Nobody in their right meowster mind wants to wear or play with shabbycat stuff at all: that's a sure way to produce a hiss fit!

There is nothing de-catlusional about finding a multi-PURRpose purse ( you won't find it at Needless Markup or Meowcy's) ... but infactacat this design is the best find for a feline, because of it's suPURRfluous PURRfect diversity: stellar design, agility to stretch stretch and stretch while tumbling within, and comfort for curling up after the exhilarating exercise of dangling from door knobs.

Wooooooooeeeee - Feline fantasticat dreams have come true: the SuPURRfluous PURRfect bag is capable of swinging 360 degrees around any doorknob on any continent below the equator or above. Extra added support: might be utilized as a kitty jumble jungle gym.

WARNING: An improPURRly designed bag can cause Meowster malaise - so be sure to carefully shop till you drop into the right bag! Set your Meow Mode - and get into the bag du jour - it guarantees you'll be a contentacat!

Ciao and Meow
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Better get a SUPURR LOTTO TIX, dear Gboy
and then you can FILL that bag!! ohhhh..catnip
and mice and and and..... ;-) HUGS

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