August 19, 2007

Feds Cut Rates & Feline Cuts To The Chase

I'm a smart cat (not fat cat) dreaming of retirement, - you know, like when I can kick back my paws and just catnap all day. But this economy of ours is catapulting me to take a look at relocatting to Europe - on my fave feline airlines Alicattalia of course, maybe to Catalonia, where the Euro can buy me prime vintage catnip at low prices. Dreaming is fantasticat isn't it? So I got myself a Native American dream catcher (supposed to catch the dreams they say) and I caught it good, but nothing happened!

Being the feline foodie and gourmandacat that I pride my paws in, I dreamed about the PURRfect lunch with decreased funds and my new mini meowster budget, and pronto, here was 'il menu di giorno' (of coursa thatsa Italiana becausa Ia ama Guido the Italian Kitty) A molto meowvalous menu offering Sardine Soufle and Canary Casserole but the chef forgot the Mice a Roni!!

California dreaming is what I do best and in this lax-a-cat position I've been known to do my best dreaming. I'm purrpondering over whether my dream catcher is working or not though as it doesn't have a money back guarantee. Oh well, I'll keep on dreaming in fine feline style and hope you do too!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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