March 23, 2008

InquisiKitty Is Eggstaticat Over Eggs

For centuries, way before Julius Caesar's Cat excelled in shredding Roman togas, it's been said that we cats are up to our whiskers with curiosity. Pawsatively true and I was doggone (oops!) I mean PURRfectly ready to be the inquisikitty to learn how eggs are white for one catnap and then bursting with colors the next. My meowster self now attests, it takes a lot of patience to flip and dip Easter eggs using 4 paws, and imagine me the mighty meowster deliCATly dropping the kitten sized color tabs into the inky dinky cups (wouldn't even hold a good lick of milk!) . But being a purrfectacat, I attacked this project in fervent feline fashion ... even did a paw test to assure the color was dry before setting out to begin my feline frivolity with my new 'roll the neon egg' set.

Egg can appear to be dry (in your rear view mirror or in real life) ... but catzowey, it's not! This is definitely not a meowvalous moment for the mighty meowster - imagine me with abundacat colored kitty lips - pastels too! I got news for you: if it's not my Italian feline flag colors - FURget it!

Wishing you a fantasticat FURst Monday of Spring,
Ciao & Meow
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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