June 15, 2008

It's The PURRfect Paw Signing Party

And I hope you and your abundacat feline loving friends can join me Thursday July 17th at this fantasticat Feline-Funraiser at Pet Camp Cat Safari where I will be paw signing YOUR copy of the coffee table book, "Luxury For Cats". Double catzowey because all proceeds from the book sales will go to the San Francisco SPCA's "Animal Assisted Therapy" program - and that's what I'm part of . Whiskers assured, you've seen me in my custom made kitty couture vest that decries GUIDO is a certified Animal Assisted Therapy animal. It doesn't get me a free ride on the cable car but it certainly stirs up some great cat chat as we ride the rails in The City By The Bay.

Because I'm a creature of habit and a PURRfectionist, my 4 paws PURRused the book from all sides. Isn't it ridicucat to think that I should be checking my favorite feline photographer's work ? This isn't a Good Housekeeping approval gig, it's 4 Guido Paws UP to my guy, Mark Rogers Photography who doesn't need to air brush my whiskers because his eye is right on my cat eye and meowvalous Mark has got what it takes behind the lens (and he does it without catnip!). Mark rocks and you will purr with his catability to capture you and your 4-legged friends. He's the cat's meow.

Who said "reach out and touch"?

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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