July 20, 2008

Lighten Up Your Load

Go light mighty meowster go light - that's the message I received from Catinental Airlines and it's new regs for traveling, and my smitten kitten self is about to unravel PURRpondering how to travel – light! Just look at the size of my stripes! It's not like I can leave some at home to lighten the load! And since I pawsatively have to lug my catnip toys, luxfurious PURRcale sheets and organicat foods with me, (and toss ‘em up to the overhead bin) I’ve got to have celebricat styled buffed meowscles.

So, I’m working out ecstaticatically on my gymbokitty, pumping the paw iron in between abundacatnaps and you'd better believe my meowster self when I say .. I’d much preFUR to be mysteriously and seriously doing nothing. If you wanna be looking svelte and Italian buffed, here's "Guido's 4 Paws UP Meowvalous Guide To Looking Catzowey".

#1 ..... Always Strrrrrrrrrrrrrrretch before you start the workout!

#2 ..... You've got a bicep and a tricep (and I've got 9 lives!) so if you want to enjoy life like I do, work those arms ... Left, Right, Left up, Right Up again!!

#3 ..... Inspectacat to the scene: your gymbokitty equipment has gotta be in fine feline condition - and safe for the paws.

#4 ..... Always hold your weights securely while purring for a micro meowster moment. As fast as a cat can wiggle it's whiskers, you'll be in fantasticat shape if you follow proPURRly.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Guido,here is your milanese friend Giotto! Your gazette is so interesting!!
And you look smashing!!

Better keep in shape,with all the good work you have to do!!

I am sure happy to be one of subscriber of your gazette..keep on writing,buddy!

CIAO,il tuo amico di Milano,Giotto

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