September 28, 2008

CritiCATicism of The System

Politicatically correct - that's me the mighty meowster, and with an election coming up,I'm just hanging out trying to understand the electoracat system - CATegorically speaking, it's not the cat's meow for anyone to unravel! Furget chads and let's think shred shred shred - umm a kitty delight on an election night.

Furstly, I want you to understand my fur gets unfurled in the wrong direction when someone PURRsumes I'm a Democat, Republicat or even an Independacat - I'm just Guido the Italian Kitty and meowvalously PURRoud of it. But my paws are attempting to figure out the  giganticat CaliFURnia ballot. Whew, I need a catnap after this!
But categorically speaking, it wise to look at all the proPURRsitions from every angle before you  make your decision.... see, this is how my smitten kitten self does it. 

So don't let your ballot get the best of you - tackle it!   Catzowey - it's most important to get your paws to  vote - even an Italian Kitty believes in exPURRessing the  right to vote... you won't be able to treat yourself to catnip  if you don't vote. 
Vote Absen-takitty - but just vote!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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