January 29, 2009

FurEYEday and Fun To Vote (again)


VOTE VOTE VOTE and think about me being on that big box of da Bissell Vacuum Company and trotting my paws around da Nashun for PURRmotions!  Yep uh huh, me and my paws are out to win the BISSELL PET OF THE YEAR AWARD.  Woo hoo - But I need your vote to do this - voting ends for this semi final round on Monday Feb 2nd 7pm PST so please tell all your fantasticat furiends and vote!


Blue skies from now on said...

We sure hope you win!! You and Michael Steele on the road to VICTORY!!

Curly said...

Guido, you know you can count us among your top fans. We're helping to spread the word. You deserve to WIN!

Colleen said...

Catgratulations, Roomy. 5th place is pretty groovy. Get rid of them dogs and take the tiara home with you. I am sure your sweet mama would love to shar eit with you. Seems to me she has a tiara in her bedroom already. Love and kitty pats, Colleen


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