January 19, 2009

In Awe Of The Inauguration

Catzowey! No matter whata fantasticat part of the globe you call home, we're all part of meowvalous history on January 20th 2009 and being I'm just 2 years young, it's my FURst Inawwwwwgurashun and I'm not gonna catnap thru the festivities.  So I've been checking out and under to be shure my computer hookups are in fine feline working order cuz my eyeTAILyun smart self wants to be in front of my screen fur the whole giganticat giorno tomorrow. And I don't wanna my guests to have  conniptions of Hiss Fits if they can't see any ting- Bet your most pricey impurrted sardine that  I'd be heading right to my litter box fur the whole day!

Today I'm taking abundacatnaps to git me and my self all rested up so no snoozing tomorrow fur me! I was in such a deep sleep this morn that I slept thru the Editor's deadline to get The Guido Gazette out!  Now lemme tell ya, that's what you call CATastrophic fur shure! But I'm bright green eyed and feeling purrky now. 

It's not Spring yet but my paws and me sprang into spurrring cleaning mode to tidy da house for my guests - now who left this hair band here? Don't they miss it? Ahhhh, I'm almost ready for a catnap!

In case you're curious as a cat,  I don't have a politicatical correct or incorrect party cuz I'm eyeTAILyun fromma over da oshun OR is it still called dat Old Country.... I guess you could call me a Diplomacat whose paws are crossed and hoping  the White House adds a mighty meowster to that big place on Pencil Vania Avenue. Do we wanna guess how many mice race at night thru those halls? I'm exhausticatted just thinking about it!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Anonymous said...

You are still a baby!!!LOL!!

Have a wonderful celebration,as a special kitty like you deserves one,and i will be there in spirit with my sis Cleo and my bros Eddy and Big Foot to help you blow the candles!!
We are bringing you a big gift of health for the rest of your nine lives...and of course our undying friendship,forever and ever!!
HAPPY B-DAY!! Giotto,mom,Cleo,Grisu',Jeeg,Eddy,Micetto,Big Foot etc etc

Curly said...

Guido, my sisfurs and brofurs and I are purroud members of the Pets for Obama group on Catster.com (My puppy sisfur Sasha was born on Nov. 4...election night...and she is named for the Obamas' younger daughter), so of course we took a grrreat interest in watching the Inauguration today! Lalo sat in Daddy's lap, Stanley and Flaca took turns sitting in mommy's lap, and I just flopped on the floor and looked cute in honor of the big event. (Sasha was banished to the great outdoors because she was pooting during the ceremony...MOL!)

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