March 15, 2009

Feathered But Not Weathered

It'sa bad fur day, lack O' rain,  da Pope is popping off, da Prez is popping up, da market is at low litter box level and my faveFURite mewspapers are  biting da dust these dayz  - hiss fit time! All this stuff is causing me and my smitten kitten self to feel a bit weathered. So what's a guy to  do fur a pawsative pick-me-up to  feel terrificat? Well, it's real simple (and ya don't have ta use up 9 lives!) .... Invite a guest over fur dinner for abundacat feline fun and furget da purroblems of da meowment.

But basta pasta! My specializione (dats eyeTAILyun for speshule!)  guest, Pierre Peacock flew from Purris Furance, dropped by and  dropped his fabucat feathers  with my coat check purrson,  and then he dashed out da door without eating or even taking  a kitty to-go bag!  Is it somethinga I said? I was purring to see him and said we were having a roasted bird fur dinner. Hmmm, so it's notta true that birds of a feather flock together! Looka as I'ma left holding his plumes....
Ah shucksatini - it's chow time and time to dine, even though my one and only guest flew da coop and left me  at my green and ready to be seen table, so me and my paws are gonna mangia the meowment with impurrted St. Patty's Day foods. Hmmm hasa youza ever seena  da beef with corn on top of it - I thinksa it's called corned beef? Everyone is having it this week - notta me! My meal is gonna be "green" cuz I'm a big Envirokitty so it's recyclable purroducts fur the mighty meowster and organicat Pesto Pizza with impurrted Italian catnip and green basil and green tea to wiggle my whiskers.

Ima all wrapped up in having a Happy Giorno di Patrizio (oops der I goes againa, cat chatting eyeTAILyun)!! Remember, everyone  has a little bit o' Irish in dem! Even me the Italian Kitty! Top O' Da Meowster Morn to ya!!!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty   
 "GUIDO Mac O' My I'm Italian"


Curly said...

Awww Guido...If you want to find Pierre Peacock, I hear that he is hiding out at your grandpawrents' ranch in Tracy. MOL! (At least he left you a feather to play with.)
Have a fabulous St. Patty's Day! (I think green is your color...You look meowvelous!)

Anonymous said...

Mio caro Guido!! Eccomi a te,your Giotto!
I always love reading your column from the Bridge every monday!!
Have a safe and great St. Patrick's day!
I agree with look marvellous on ya,boss!!

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