July 5, 2009

Tea For Two OR Four Paws Take Tea

Have you had the afternoon British styled High Tea in da middle of da afternoon ? Wonder if it's like High Tide at da Pacific Oshun? Oh well, I likesa the low tide for counting the starfish on the rocks and I luvs High Tea, Low Tea, Mid Tea, no matter what level da tea is in da cup is not imPURRtant to me and myself.

What's imPURRtant is that youza having da tea with furiends and that's PURRcisely what this smitten kitten did recently. Oh basta pasta! IF youza thinking I pawty crashed a tea pawty, oh no no nonsense - I actualicatically got my own invatashun to attend!

FURst thing youza do at a Tea Pawty is selectacat yur tea leaves. It'sa fine idea to get close to da tea leaves to smell da aroma and do a taste test.

I tried a furiety of leaves and well, yuck and more yuck cuz they didn't all agree with my EyeTailYun tastebuds - no way is this catnip tea leaves!.

The Book of Eticat says you should NOT be a greedy cat and eat every item on yur plate so here I am, purrusing the cakes and crumpets .... curious as a cat (what else do you expectacat frum me?). I assure you I'ma not eating da chocolate as it's fatal food to we felines. We didn't get served any bags of tater chips or PURRetzels at the High Tea but da selecshun was beeYOUteaFull and da hostess, well she brought out her finest feline furiendly antique gold plates. Dis is no ordinaricat tupperware!

More propurr Eticat: have your pinky up in the air fur lifting the tea cup. Don't put yur elbows on da table or da hostess will have a hiss fit!

All da sweet stuff sent me directacatily to da scale! Basta Pasta - no more pasta and no more sweets at da High Tea fur me! My waist line is expanding and I'm demanding to go on da Jenny CraigCat diet or Weight Night-Watchers. Me and myself thinks I'm cutting out my Mice a Roni and the catohydrates will be meownitored in between my abundacatnaps.

Wishing youza and yurza a nonCATastrophic & sweet week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Skeezix the Cat said...

14 and a haff pownds??? Geez, Guid', yoo way TWICE as much as me!

Curly said...

Guido, the pictures of you taste-testing the catnap and pawing the sushi are purriceless!

14.5 lbs. isn't too much for a big boy kitty. My brofur Lalo weighs about TWENTY pounds! Now THAT'S "abundacat"! MOL!

Black Cat said...

I sorta kinda think this tea party mighta not been quite to your taste... Anyhoo, your eticat is purrfick, 'cepting you shouldn't lift your pinky when holding your teacup... Just saying. I'm English, innit, so I knows you know?!? :) xxx

Anonymous said...

we would have tea with you anytime!

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