July 19, 2009

Winning The Wheel of FURtune Cookie

Me and myself is fantasticatically furtunate to be sent a purresent ... yep uh huh, a real gift of a sweet sensashunal purresent that got me purring fur shure and priming my paws to open up the goody box and shred da fabucatulous blue ribbon (datsa called Recycling cuzza you gets it, uses it and makes it tiny fur da trash). So what duzza you think someone extra speshule would be sending my EyeTailYun globe trotting self?
Certainly and impurrtantly, looks to me like itza catnip cookie in there - but not just a cookie, a customized Furtune Cookie made by the speshule paws of Jake & Micah.

Hereza me and myself, totally under da influence of da Cookie and I hasn't even read my fortune in the FURtune cookie yet. Beware and Cawshun: I may appear to be closer to you than in real life, and this izza no Las Vegas act!
Youza undoubtacatically asking at this meowment, whooza Jake & Micah? Dat answer izza inside da cookie but my smitten kitten self won't make ya wait. Jake & Micah's my fantasticat feline buddies and secondacatically, they're deeziners of increducatulous gifties. If youza EyeTailYun like me, youza gonna aPURRciate the catnip cannoli gift, and if youza into having fun, well youza gonna really like anything Jake & Micah makes with the ORGANICAT nip!
Apurrantly yur lips are meowster muttering youza don't live close to Jake & Micah. Basta Pasta mi amico, no need to PURRponder that PURRoblem further cuz these meowvalous meowsters will ship youza the gifties - yep uh huh, they actualacatically have a bizzi business account with the oops guys - oops I think it's the YouPeeEss guy.

Once I gets un-nipped frum da Furtune Cookie and back to normal shmormal, I'll wish youza nonCATastrophic week! In da meantime, hereza me and myself PURRfiled in June on their website. *no Euros were exchanged fur this mighty cool menshun and no actors were used. Itza all authenticatted*

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


8GR8LOLCATS said...

Ciao & Meow to you Guido! Our PUREson is EYEtalian. We loved getting your FURtunate tale in our emails... Enjoy you fortune cookie... PURRS- the 8GR8CATS

Curly said...

Very cool, my furriend! That's one delicious-looking cookie, and it won't do a number on your waistline. (brain cells may be another matter...)

khaat said...

Hey, Bro! Your little bro, Mo, says that's one spiffy little cannoli there! I might have to get one of my own! I checked out the website for their "bakers." It looks PAWSOME!! And you look like you're having MUCH TOO GOOD A TIME with it! LOL By the way, the more I look at your beeyooteefull colors in your fur, I really think you have to be related to my sis--Emma. Check her out! Maybe that makes us bro's-in-the-fur for real!! What 'cha think?

Jake and Micah said...

Hey GUIDO, Thanks for the shout out. We're really happy that you're enjoying your cookie. Thanks again for such a super PURR-files feature!

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