September 27, 2009

FUReedom of The PURRess -A Balancing Act

Itza giganticat balancing act to keep the news straight these days! I gets so confused (and often not amewsed) by whatsa in da papers. This sort of situation can be bewildering and bemewsing!

Yep uh huh, it's fur shure a definicatical purroblem, and if youza wanting to keep current on da news, in between yur abundacatnaps, then youza might wanna do what I do - I PURRuse all the papers: yep uh huh, FURstly, I gets da green sheet cuz itza got all da sports infurmayshun. Oh basta pasta let's not cat chat about my San Franfuncisco Giants not going to the playoffs!
After I get a pawsative outlook on my Sports teams via The Green Sheet, then I heads directacatically to the Entertainment Secshun of da paper. It's called "Da Pink Sheet" (yep uh huh itza got all da Fall movies listed and more too, but izn't Fall supposed to be oranges and reds and Mew England colors?) Hey I'm not having a hiss fit over da Green Section and da Pink Section - but my envirocat self is purrpondering IF purrhaps these colored papers are recyclable cuz that's da most impurrtant thing we need purractice daily.
If every one of us meowvalous creatures (yep that includes YOU and the doggone great others too) does our share to recycle, then our planet will be just a smidgen better. It's pawsative that YOU can make a difFURance! See fur yourself ... I'm recycling my grocery bag as a Catzowey place to catnap! You izza witnessing a real recylcing meowment.

Now go and have a nonCATastrophic week and thanks for starting your day the Guido way!

Ciao & Meow
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Christopher said...

Thanks for explaining to me about the parts of the mewspaper. I just shred em up and didn't know it said interesting stuffs in them. (I even tinkled on it...I hope I didn't tinkle on anything important).

~Your pal C

Skeezix the Cat said...

OMC! GUIDO! I have a paper bag ixzaktly like that at my howse!!!!!

Curly said...

I will have to speak to my hooman about using paper bags. She knows that they are better for the environment than plastic, but she thinks the plastic bags are good for disposing of kitty poopies. My mommy is an irresponsible hooman. I will have to have a talk with her.

The Meezers or Billy said...

wow, now we will start to try and read the paper!

Robert said...

Dear Guido,

We love hearing from you every week!

Our family also recycles recycle everything we can.

Keep up the great job!

loving purrs,

Smokey and her family

Tigger said...

Love the bag, love Trader Joes!

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