August 16, 2010

Designing LIfe On The Go Go

 Itza all about da paws! Yep uh huh, da paws holds abundacat answers tooza da body's inner deeziner systems that keeps youza and me operating in fantasticat style, just like da Yingy and da Yangy, so whatsa really  fantasticat thing to do with yur paws? Visit a fabucatulous deeziner to get da deezine scoop on how to looks more meowvalously meowvaloso! 

 Itza me riding in da LimOhZeen to get to da Deeziner. Itza foggy in San Franfuncisco so I wore my EyeTailYun hat custom deezined by HAZEL LUCY. I'll betcha my limo driver wishes HE had one cuz heeza driving with the heater on up furont!

Houston weeza landed! Datsa Me & Myself with my  zealous zany road crew and weeza meeting and greeting the famoso BACCA DA SILVA - deeziner extraordinaire. Oh Catzowey Bacca is the Cat's Meow for cool catzowey couture (fur guys & da gals)

                     I loves trying on Bacca's deezines cuz theyza versacatacle fur shure! My keen cat eyes sees da tropicatical parrots on this sweater and thinks it's terrificat to be just above those birds of a fine feather cuz weeza close and almost together.  Now thatza CATZOWEY sweater fur mio!

              Hey I got duo diamond angelicat Hello Halos! Getting swirly and girly but I loves da spectacucatular PURRilliant Diamonds cuz theyza magical and when youza wearing dem and thinking This Will Be da meowment, well youza never ever knows whatza gonna happen next....

Youza might just have an Unforgettable hug,  yep uh huh datsa exacticatically whatza happens!

Bamzatini! My inner deeziner system izza  exhausticatted but I wishes you a nonCATastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Kisu & Kujy said...

OH my god, im cracking up at the earrings. Your always good for a laugh Guido ! Love ya muchly. xxoo

Daisy said...

Guido, thanks for helping us learn about fashion! I think I need some sparkly diamond earrings, too!

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