August 9, 2010

Do You Nose What I Know?

Definicatically, itza impurrtant always to be current and  in the know, so youza can be furst on yur block to have da Catzowey ideas!  Waaaay befur I wazza born and got current on stuff, somebody in 2003 wrote a funtasticat book -   "1000 Places To Visit Before You Die" - even with 9 lives I could never ever visit datza many places cuz I'd never ever be home! I luvs having my paws at home, away frum da  spotlights of da Purress.  Seems the Book author furgot to mention having fun foods at home is good, cuz thatza comfurt foods without visiting all da 1000 places and if youza eating at home youza duzn't have to pack da suitcase.

Me & Myself izza ecstaticat to say - relief izza on da way!  7x7 Magazine frumza da City of San Franfuncisco has the 2010 "Big Eats List" in their August meowgazine:   "100 Things To Try Before You Die" - CATZOWEY! Thatza 900 less things to do than the book lady suggests. So I got my paws into thizza and I'ma trying stuff without using my Passpurrt or standing in Homeland Security lines. Come with me fur funzatini!

#1 on the "Absoluticatical Must Try" list the meowgazine sez izza food fur da soul: WAFFLES & FRIED CHICKEN. So being the  soulful smitten kitten datza I am, I'm making Waffles and Fried Chicken at home - no interrupshun frumza da Purrpurrazzi in da Ristorante. Gonna have it look exacticatically like the foto and here I goes in the knows .....

Gotza my Multi-Meowster Grain, roaster toaster waffles all ready,  and my organicat chicken too! Basta Pasta! Everything izza furrozen like ice ages! Itza pawsible dat me and myself might be into great idea #99  and visit all 1000 places in da world befur my food thaws. Itza diverse dish:  youza can purrpare Waffles & Chicken or  reverse it tooza, and have Chicken & Waffles.  But which of my 9 lives izza I gonna enjoy it in???

Whether youza wheeling thru New Zealand, having an awesome pawsome time in Australia, bobbing fur apples the right way in Zimbabwe, or catnapping on a purrristine white sandy organicat litter styled beach in the Catibbean, well itza fur shure ...  youza needs to get off yur paws and be a  relaxacat if youza gonna try all the 1000 places to see and 100 things to try. Get rested befur you starts!

Wishing youza da mostest meowvalous CATZOWEY and nonCATastrophic week.

Ciao & Meow!
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Daisy said...

Guido, you are so adventurous!

Mary said...

Thank you for the updates on how to travel and still stay home!!
The Bushes

Jacqueline said...

Guido, you are always so much fun!...Happy week, handsome boy...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Sandy said...

Hi Guido you big doll you!!!!! Oh how we all loves you and your Gazette. n pink youza lookin good likka dat handssum muscalar dude Skeezix!! Here in Central Oregon you two is the CAT's MEOW Fur Shur!!!!

smart paws said...

This was absolutely adorable

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