September 26, 2011

Catting Around In Hollywood

 Hollywood - think about that name -  I never saw holly growing on the famous star studded sidewalks! It's for shure when I flew to Hollywood to be a CATestant on the TeeVee show "Think Like A Cat".  I wanna share this amazing meowvalous time! Like the cat walk models,  I was told to bring along my foto Purrtfolio, so I did and my favorito fotographer Mark Rogers made me a Catzowey book of fotos. (check out his link cuz youza gonna smile!)

Checked in to the Hotel Palomar on Wilshire Boulevard (purrrs galore cuz theyza pet furiendly) and checked outta my 14th floor room overlooking all of La La Los Angeles. Itza impurrtant to get a birds eye view of where youza is.

Immediately I got furmiliar with the fine feline furiendly art work on the walls of my Suite.

Bamzatini,  I had to catnap cuz I was exhausticatted from exploring every nitch of my comfy Hotel Palomar Suite (oh Si Si Si, I always travels with my EyeTailYun blankie thatza the colors of Italy so I feels at home). 

 Catzowey! Always inspectacat yur plumbing in the  Hotel Suite and if it's got a little drippity drop coming out all night, itza feline fine!

 Lemme tell youza dat I was Star Struck with the Giganticat TeeVee Screen  - only in Hollywood!

But then someone got Star strucked meeting and greeting Me & Myself - yep uh huh datsa Chuck Woolery  whooza started waaaay back when, (waaaay befur I was even a smitten kitten inky dinky idea), with Wheel of Furtune, and heeza looking like heeza gonna do the Happy Dance, cuz heeza happy to meet my meowster self.

Just chatting with Chuck about Man Cat stuff like so so Southern California man tanning, washing the gray fur  away, getting a pawdicure and looking spiffy for Tee Vee.  I think he listened cuz heeza looks intrigued fur shure, yep uh huh!

So I wishes you days filled with abundacat Sun and nights filled with meowvalous Stars.  Make it a nonCATastrophic week.
Ciao  & Meow!

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Ninja Skills said...

Oh Guidsters, you definitely a mades for TV Kitteh! Wif your movie-star good looks & suchly, we is shocked we not seen your star on da Walk of Fame or your paws in see-mint at Grauman's! Love ya, buddy! =Ninja=

KatBoxJanitor said...

Fantastical time, Guido!

You have your paw in so many pies! Have any of them been 'nip & tuna? ;-)

da Pip kids said...

wow-meow are do get around!!!!
we jus sit home an design nip toys wid mommy

Id musta be beary fum to meet celebs.. but ob course u are da most famous celeb ub all!!!!!!!

GlamKitty said...

Woo-hoo, dat'z sum big adbenchoor u'z on, Guido! (U shur ur middle name'z not Bill or Ted? ;D)

Whskr & Dash Kitten said...

Wow Guido this is QUITE the trip eh? I can't imagine a TV that big MOL!

Dash Kitten

Daisy said...

You got to meet Chuck Woolery!?!?! COOL!

Anonymous said...

I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! woo woo woo!

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