September 19, 2011

If You Gotta Go - Go With Kitty a GoGo

Just when youza thinks life is purrfecto you finds out life  is more Catzowey! Why? Well I tells you, I discovered this  oh so so so  stylish and funtasticatically functional Litter Box for us meowsters whooza gotta go when weeza on the go.  BUT we finicky felines only wanna to go IN STYLE of course.  It's like a 1st Class classy hotel restroom -  It's Kitty A GoGo.

It arrives at yur house in da big box - which is recyclable (youza knows I'ma Envirocat) and  the box becomes yur new Meowster Mansion after youza takes out the goods. Wowza Meowza - youza gonna luvs what's inside this box and CATZOWEY, it's all in one piece - no assembly!
Look at Me & Myself - weeza in our new Kitty A GoGo litter box and you got choices for the deeziner cover. Me &Myself both selected the "burlwood" cuz it'za got the Man Cat feel to it and I'ma EyeTailYun kitty with Man Cat style and pssst - I'ma giganticat 16 pounds so this box is big sized.  It's meowvalous that you can get it in abundacat cool styles that works fur yur purrrsonality when youza wanna goes in style.

Get comfy with yur double creamy Catpuccino and kick back yur paws to see Me & Myself in the action mewvie - yep uh huh in my new Functional Litter Box With Personality
Purrhapps Kitty A GoGo izza nominated for a Best Deezine at The Acatemy Awards.

Get out your Pirate Pawty Kit cuz today is Talk Like A Pirate Day - all around da world, like from the North Pole to Jackson Hole - no matter where you izza relaxacatting, people are talking like Pirates! Ahoyzatini matey - letza share some arrrrgh gold from dat Treasure Chest and release our inner Pirate selfs.  Hee Hee Hee and Yo Ho HO! Give me a bottle of Rumzini and a catini under a Tropicatical palm tree on a ship wrecked island. Then tomorrow, I'ma back to being my City Kitty self with a Captain Sparrow sized Nip hangover! Ahoy I thinks I see the Canary Islands ahead....

Me & Myself wishes you the mostest meowvalous week - don't furget to make it a nonCATastrophic one, and we'll cat chat soon!

Ciao & Meow,

GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Kisu & Kujy said...

Kujy needs man size Kitty a Go go.. cause hezza poops in high places and therefore needs high sides. You'd have poops on da walls.

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

That's quite a get-up, Guido! Your mama knows all about hangin onto palm trees, ask her about the hurrycane!

Julia Williams said...

Guido, that is quite the styling box you have!! I esp. like the burlwood-look cover. And you dressed as a pirate?? Cute to the nth degree!

Curly said...

Very attractive mancave, Guido! You will be going in style!

Marlene said...

Very interesting!!

Daisy said...

Wow, that is one of the fanciest litter boxes I have ever seen!

meowmeowmans said...

Holy Cat! That's a mighty fancy litter box, Guido!


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