September 11, 2016

It's Time to Table My Tabby Table Time

Catzowey !
I'm working hard to table my table time
cuz my ManCat self deserves some special
table time - everybody does, dontcha think?

It's so so so meowvalous when I get
my table time, so I cross my EyeTailYun paws
that more tabby table time comes my way.

But more than tabby table time, I purrfur
where I gets a catzillion meowsages.

When I'm on the job these bedside meowsages sure
rev up my purr machine! Pssst - Me & Myself visit this nice
 93 years yungun lady every other Saturday for my meowsages.

And dontcha think a ManCat should always wear
a good tie when on the job?

Once my job is done for the day 
I'm back to tabling tabby table time
and feeling oh so so so Catzowey fine!

Wishing wonderful special YOU the mostest
nonCatastrophic week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Maria Appleby said...

We love you Guido! We are so proud of your assisted therapy work!

Stewart Pitt said...

Great work buddy, from your Aussie mate Gordon

Austin Towers said...

Guido, you are doing great work cheering up the old lady! The humans love it when we rev up the purr machine!! Ciao buddy! xx

MyCatsRule said...

You are a good gentleman, sir!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

You are a sweet boy.

Guido the Italian Kitty said...

Youza all making me purr with your meowvalous notes! Abundant thanks and a Mille Grazie too

Anonymous said...

I really like the Therapy Cat-a-log of photos. One can only imagine the joy that these patients feel with Guids' visiting them. I know I would like it. Good job Trooper!


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