March 3, 2007

Cat Crasher at Pooch Party

Everybody's barking about the glitzy paws at the San Francisco SPCA's Bark and Whine Ball last week, a dog gone good event - even for a cat in disguise! In fine Black Tie Bow Wow style, this was the op of a life time for humans whose dogs invited them along. Where else can you go to have white-jacketed Valet attendants open your dog's car door on a racy red carpet for the canine grand entrance! This mighty meowster needed to see this gig with my owns paws, so I packed my kitty couture costumes, called Big Dog Taxi Company and crashed the party - here is my frolicking self disguised as a merry Mardi Gras Terrier King. The short hairy legs are definitely not my Tom Cat style and I can't count how many people picked me up like a pup!

Then I got smart - 'big dogs do it better' I heard - so I began to think big - and rapidly changed into my next costume - a St. Bernard to the rescue! I danced and pranced while humans petted me - nobody even thought about picking me up at this size! Abundacat good eats at this dog ball: Sushi Bar turned my Purr machine on until I found the carving station and declared to the waiter "grrrr, rare please and hold the bun"! Of course I demanded a doggy bag!

Ciao & Meow
Guido, The Italian Kitty

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