March 25, 2007

TEAsing Around

Last week NBC (Nice Big Cats) news declared the benefits of Tea - so why not try some. This Yogi Ginger Tea was challenging, to say the least, and I can't figure out why one must be in a strange Yogi position to enjoy the pleasures of the leaves. Catnip is far easier.

Tugged at the 'kitten proof box' to get a better aroma whiff and ... well you be the judge of what I think of Yogi Ginger Tea.

Bed Time Tea sounded PURRfect for my abundant cat naps, so I took the box to bed with me- no wrestling with the wrapping or boiling water. So simple even an Italian Kitty can do this!

March 26th I'll be 10 months young! Pinch my paws - am I dreaming life is so fantasticat?

GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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