April 1, 2007

Deep Sea Diving Egg Hunt

One week till Mister Mighty Bunny arrives (dare I call him "dude"?) and my first Egg Hunt is on the horizon so I practiced finding eggs in quite the inconspicuous places. When I nose dived into this humungous 2 feet deep vase, I heard "No Guido No!" when my kitten ears should have heard "Go Guido Go and hold your breath smitten kitten!" Chuck the egg basket, I need a Snorkel and feline fins for this 'find the feline's fine egg' event which should be in the Summer Olympics!

Rumor has it chocolate isn't good for we felines so I got myself a catnip egg to test - hmmm not so bad but a tad rough for my taste.

I'm lying in wait for this Bunny dude...
Deep Sea Egg Diving, Faux Feline Egg Tasting - Whew... I think I'll vote for a catnap...Easter tryouts are exhausticating!

Wishing you a PURRfect and nonCATastrophic Passover and Easter!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty

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