April 22, 2007

EARTH DAY From a Kitten's Paw Point

Everyday is a Guido Day - tons O' fun and a 24 hour experienzia for this Italian Kitty. But Catzowey ... this frisky feline is not frivolously wastefull. I'm an Enviro-cat who wants to help make my planet safe for the next catzillion feline residents and you too. So on this Earth Day my PAWSatively purrfect self checked our faucets and found they flow far too freely and what a CATastrophic waste.

You too can be like my smitten kitten self - a concscientious civic-minded cat watching your drips and drops. This is no Desperate Cat Wives tail - it's the environmental cat's meow ... and how! PS - Rumor has it, I've got 9 lives, and you don't! Please protect our Planet - and help make it PURRfect again. Every drop counts!

Ciao and Meow
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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