April 29, 2007

Mews On Over Home Makeover

My 11 month old kittenish mind is inspired wildly by the bountiful beauty that our world offers us and lucky me ... I've got weekly fresh florals to my paws delight and to play with too! Rumor has it one should smell the roses in life, and relax too, so I've put my kitten nose to work to greet the gladiolias as I didn't see any roses anywhere. Might you think I've a future career in fabulous Feline Design or at the house of Feng Shui Feline Florals?

Flower arranging is tiring and I'm kitten maxed out! Did you ever wonder how Extreme Home Makeover does what they do or how Martha Stewart kept her cool when the petals pooped over? Whew, I need catnip to refresh the kitten in me and get these petals back to paws level! What a way to start my day ...

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