November 25, 2007

Travelling While Not Unravelling

Everyone loves Thanksgiving: the time to travel while despurrately trying not to unravel. Even a smitten kitten gets into the cornocopiacat mode at this time of year when catnaps in the furgotten sun rays seem to be none existent. So, being the good independacat I am, I packed my kitty couture for my week-with-the -Turkey trip consisting of 4 days of cat-cultural events , equal amounts of full tables and cat naps. But I couldn't get my suitcase closed with ease. So paused my paws and got into a Zen Cat moment, and it worked! Suitcase closed with my clothes and I'm off to the airport.

When I got to the airport,they announce over and over, to stay with your bag and never leave it unattended.... so I sat on my bag for security PURRposes and I almost missed my feline flight cuz I sat so long.

Catzowey it's a suffering succotash moment for the Mighty Meowster and this self instructed electronicat check-in stuff doesn't work well with my 4 paws. What ever happened to full service check in? Oh by the way - are you wondering where I'm headed?? To Washington DC to meet that Turkey that got pardoned at the White House as he may want to dine with me, the Italian Kitty.

Do you think my bag tag auto adhesive will do the job? Not on your 9 Lives! This is a job for the Feline Tooth patrol...

Who ever said traveling was easy?But if you want your Turkey, Turkduckin, Tofurkin or traditional Thanksgiving Tuna Tartare, it's worth it! Hope your Thanksgiving was PURRfect.

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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