February 3, 2008

Can Guido Guide The Budweiser Wagon?

Here I am cheering on the NY Giants (even though I live on the 'right coast'), but I'm maxed-out with beer ads for the terrificat Super Bowl ~ catzowey I awakened from my catnap to watch that football go back and feline forth and catch a few ads. You didn't think I'd miss the chance to see a Dalmation  dog coaching a Clydesdale, did you? Hey, remember I'm  known for my PURRfected patience, and I'm contemcataplating  a change of career: I can coach those big horses who haul the western ho here we go wagons, but I'd  be insista-kitten that they carry a bottle of  San Francisco's own "Anchor Steam" beer on board!

MY favored feline beverage is water, just cool clear water - which I'll be guzzling abundacatically if I'm going to coach the Budweiser Mighty Meowster Team this year (forget those big equines -  felines rock!) Just close your eyes for 10 blinks and picture 24 fabulous felines in twos, trotting their ten toes in tandem with tails and nails gleaming and groomed as we caravan through the streets of every major City, PURRfectly proud to lead the Budweiser Mighty Meowster Wagon. This is no 'hey kitty kitty' event, so watch out folks, you just may witness giganticat history in the making! We felines practice the power of pawsativity....

Wishing you a kicked back week - make it a nonCATastrophic one too and be sure to indulge in oodles of cool clear water, the beverage of champs!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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