April 15, 2008

Cat Attacks The Taxes

Just like you, I've got to get my smitten kitten taxes done PURRfectly, and I'm not going to procatstinate any longer, so I'm giving up my catnap today to spend ions of hours with my catzowey calcucatlator. Be assured my paws are skepticatical over pressing the right buttons to make the IRS purr (just the thought of them makes me hiss!).

Wrestling with the buttons is not a meowvalous moment for the mighty meowster!

Completing my taxes was taxing, but the fat cats at the IRS will be contentacat with me for doing my feline filing on time.Now it's onto some vintage catnip to perk my whiskers up when I awaken from my extremely long catnap. Taxes can be taxing, that's for sure....

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO The Italian Kitty


Laura said...

Hi, Guido! You have provided "cat-omic" relief in an otherwise "mad-cat" day for us financial adivsors. All the best, Laura

mark said...

and I thought I was a pro"cat"stanator! Thanks for easing my guilt, Guido!

Anonymous said...

this is one of the most photographed cats in the city! I need to start taking at least one shot of my kitty a month! patti


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