April 7, 2008

Oh La La It's A Fantasticat French Feline

My smitten kitten paws are searching for the infamous French Chef, Jacques 'PURRfect' Pepin - rumor has it his paws are into cooking with mounds of heavy cream (every cat's deliCATible delight). And when I'm on the prowl, you never know what my mighty meowster self may discover - like this collectacatable box I fell into - oh purrs la la it's got that meowvalous french feline touch.

But merci meows ... would you care to guess how many Italian kitties will fit into one French Cat box? Don't lose a purr over it, it's pawsatively easy to figure out - solo mio, only Guido!

Quizzicatically speaking, it's supposed to carry 12 French Cats, or so the box declares - but they must be minicatscule meowsters over in the land of utterly rich butter. C'est le vie, it's not for me. My paws are PURRfectly contentacat with everything Italian!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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