April 27, 2008

Dancing With Star Paws

Left paw forward and fast cross over with a perky right front paw, tale up, fat cat tummy in, shoulders straight as the whiskers - whew! I'm new at this dancing thing and my smitten kitten self has gotten a bit twisted trying to learn the 2 step ... call it the four footed shuffle for me! (I should have optiCATed for the basic litter Box Step).

Might the mighty meowster have a future feline career with Cirque du Sunray if Dancing With The Stars vetoes me for a feline Flamenco moment? Ya never know how limber your paws just may be so get out and try a fantasticat Foxtrot or go for the gold: a 4 paws up PURRfect Pasa Doble. You very well may surprise your own eyes - and your friends too! And hey, you've only got 2 feet to Tango, I've got 4!

Ciao & Meow and wishing you a nonCATastrophic and not too twisted week,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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