May 4, 2008

CarumbaKitty! It's Cinco De Meow Oh

Nothing finer than a sip of salsa and an organicat farm raised fish taco to wiggle my diverse whiskers! Catzowey! It's May 5th and a pawsatively PURRfect Cinco De Mayo.... and on any day, especially today, everyone loves a fiesta -even Italian kitties celebrate Mexico's Independence - if they'd only had 9 lives like we cats, they'd taken a jumbo siesta catnap and not had to worry!

I'm smitten over Senorina CarumbaKitty .. the short ador-a-cat Mayan Meowster has my ear (actually both of them) and this non-FURocious feline has got the mighty meowster's attention too - now that's historicatical in the making!

Ole Ole - have a fantasticat day! (and maybe some catnip infused Guacamole!)

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO - The Italian Kitty

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