July 12, 2009

Is It A Downward Dog or Upward Cat?

Stress is abundacatically amongst us these days ... my puter is not pampurred and is having hiss fits, my whiskers get wild over excessacat horn honkers on the street, and I'm fogged in here in San Franfuncisco with no sun rays fur my catnaps!Catzowey! What's a smitten kitten to do? The smart Doc's PURRscripshun says head immediacatically to the de-stress place and do not pass go - yep uh huh, I'm enrolled in da YOGA Yogi kitty class! Got myself a nice green super soft Yoga-cat-a-mat ... that's the furst paw forward step to doing Yoga correcticatically cuz da paws won't slip when doing the Downward Dog pose.

Befur you start to Ummm and Ohmmmm ya gotta PURRpare for da Yoga. Youza not gonna be a relaxacat doing the purrfecto poses until you flatten all da bumps out of yur Yoga-cat-a-mat. It's so you don't trip yourself. It could be super non-fantasticat embarrassing to trip on da little bump in da mat - couldza be easier to explain if youza slipped and slided on a ravioli (furiends will believe you!).

So me and myself is bizzi figuring out how to flatten my Yoga-cat-a-mat and get da giganticat bump out of it. Itza definicatically challenging! But I'm a checking it out thoroughly cuz I'm payshunt....

Arreverderci il bumpo! NOWza MEOWza I can do the ultimate Yoga Cat pozishun fur helping my back, straightening out my stripes and help me be a relaxacat. Ohhmmmmeowwwww , look at me, I'ma yoga'ing.
Me and myself gotza all the correctacat Yoga Yogi Cat equipment - my teacher sez these stretch belts help ya get centered while they help stretch the paws out to the meowximus range, and PURRpare you fur da stretch of yur life ... all 9 lives? Itza time fur da Sun Salutation pose - here I goes! Ahhhhmeowww ... Oh meowvalous I feel stress free and centered PURRfectly now.
Wishing YOU a nonCATastrophic & fairly centered week!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty


Curly said...

Guido, Mommy says cats are naturals at Yoga. (I think my brofur Lalo has actually invented a few new positions.)Have a relaxing day on that pretty green mat!

Vicki said...

Guido love your blog. Keep up the great work as you are one kitty who has paw on the pulse of modern trends.

Honey P. Sunshine said...

i like to do yoga wif mommie

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