June 7, 2010

Is it Tales of The City OR Tails of 2 Kitties?

 Life can be infurior if youza missing loving da life. Yep uh huh my global cat self sez life izza all about da love and lovely stuff.  Fur example so youza gets it:  here's me and my little brofur YOLO  (heeza not lovely, he's huge!)  but weeza hanging out doing da brofurly thing - lovin' da bird watching together like da birds of feather. Weeza wrapped up having a  funtasticat time- together furever cuz weeza Brofurs and luvs dat!

Being da politicatically correct Envirocats dat weeza is, Yolo and Me and Myself wanna be shure da birdies outside are purrtected and safe fur us to gaze upon, so we checks up close and consistacatically, like weeza on da 24/7 aviary purrtrol!

Itza highly recommended youza stretches the meowscles to the meowximum to get the bestest iMax view when working on aviary purrtrol.

Often, yep uh huh, like abundacat times,  weeza Brofurs takes a break from da Birdie watch work and weeza duz a session to stretch our meowster legs. We do a little Tai Cat Chi, some downward dog Yoga pawzishuns and dontza furget da jaw exercises izza all Catzowey good to keeps youza in tippity toppity Catzowey shape.
Birds flying by in purrfecto formashun, spring's almost gone, and I'ma welcoming Summer  and nothing more meowvalous than almost Summer lunch with furesh summer corn -  I luvs kicking back with my favorito Corn on da Nip Cob. Youza can come to visit me in San Franfuncisco and enjoy my stuff, OR yep uh huh, youza can get one or two or a cousin's dozen from "Cat Faeries". Itza da nachural organicat Nip and not geneticatically altered and no additive phony bahloney stuff (itza gotta be EyeTailYun Purrrciutto not bahloney any hooza!). I luvs my toys from  the CAT FAERIES BOUTIQUE and good news and mews, theyza ships to me and youza tooza! Tell em youza  FOG 'Friend of Guido" - and theyza ships yur toys fur miles with abundacat smiles. 

Heads up cuz itza Tails weeza seeing! That Corn on the Nip Cob izza purrfecto and I don'tza feel corny. Itza reprieve from our creature of habitual meowments. Oh I luvs a diffurentiating day filled with doing stuff I loves! Mille Meowster Grazie tooza Cat Faeries for da Corn on the Nip Cob purresent! NEXT week I'ma trying their  Catnip Mist Eau Du Toilette.

Now, I wantza you to have da mostest fabucatulous and nonCATastrophic week! If youza gotta toss a coin up in da air and call "heads or tails" go fur da terrificat Tails!

Ciao & Meow,
GUIDO the Italian Kitty



Anonymous said...

We enjoyed the Guido Gazzette today!! Love the Brotherly Love!!

The Bush Furs of Ohio

Harry Spotter said...

Love the top photo!

TK and Squashies said...

We loves the Gazzette too! We thinks the 3rd foto makes a great LOLCat with the capshun "Close the window while the AC is on, do you think I'm cooling the whole outside?"

This a very fun post, thanks for sharing the love with us. Has fun you two, brotherly love is the bestest.

Kelly H. said...

Great photos this week! You and Yolo look like you have so much fun together!

Kisses, Auntie K

Daisy said...

You are lucky you got a good brother.

Thanks for the link to that toystore. There are lots of neat-o cat things there.

Jacqueline said...

Great photos; you guys are adorable together!...We love Bird TV too, it's always good times!...We're going to check out the toy store=a kitty can never have too many toys!...Happy week handsome boys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Curly said...

Very nice photos of of you and your brofur!

Kyande Kisu & KuJu Ku said...

Loves the tails, now whenever we flips da coin we will be fur sure to say TAILS !
BTW, we are very jealous of your tails cause we only have a teeny tiny little nubby of a tail.

Nikita Cat said...

Great post, and wonderful, wonderful, photos!

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